Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So on my visit trip to ULTA I finally found the new Revlon LE items. I love love love Revlon Colorstay Lipstick and one of my new favorite blogs, Nouveaucheap, has been keeping me in the loop with all the new drugstore makeup collections.

When Nouveaucheap first posted about the new LE Revlon nail polish, I was so excited! she said it was a Chanel Black Pearl dupe and I NEVER owned a Chanel nail polish, so this was the closest thing I was gonna get to owning one!

LE Revlon polish shade, Black with Envy, which is apparently a dupe ofChanel Black Pearl. For those of you late to the game, last fall Revlonreleased a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal called Perplex.

You can read her post on the polish RIGHT HERE

Once I read that post, I was hooked! I needed this polish and could not wait for it come out!
Then, she finally made a post saying there was a sighting of the nail polish with an ADDED Colorburst lipstick! YAY!!! I was so excited!! The lipstick is called Fashion Runway and is famous for being "THE PERFECT NUDE COLOR FOR ALL SKIN TYPES".  The lipstick was created by makeup artist Guccie Westman and was a VERY limited, VERY sought over, and VERY hard to find lipstick prior to this release. It was also featured on every single model during the Fashion Night Out Show.

To complement Rag & Bone's Lawrence of Arabia-inspired collection, makeup artist GucciWestman developed a soft nude hue of Revlon ColorBurst lipstick. That's nothing out of the ordinary, except that the shade, Fashion's Night Pout, is now officially one of the most difficult lipsticks to track down. That's because it was available only at Rag & Bone during Fashion's Night Out, where a $50 donation to the nonprofit Jenesse Center earned women a mini-makeover, a photo with Halle Berry, and the lipstick. 

TAKEN FROM Bellasugar

So once I had all that info in my head, I was on a mission. I checked all my local drugstores for weeks and no display was to be found. I decided to make my first trip to ULTA a few days ago and I FINALLY IT! It was a very small display.

I was so excited, that I grabbed two of each, one for me and one for you! (lol..for an upcoming give away!!)

I have already heard bloggers say that Fashion Night Pout is way to similar to Soft Nude to even bother to pick up, BUT I humbly disagree.
Here are the swatches:

The Lippie- Revlon Colorstay Fashion Night Pout

Revlon Soft Nude, Revlon Fashion Night Pout and MAC Viva Glam GAGA 2

IMO Revlon's Fashion Night Pout (in the middle) is the PERFECT marriage between Revlon Soft Nude and MAC Viva Glam GAGA 2. If Soft Nude was to light for you (which for me, it kinda was) and you thought Viva Glam was to dark for you, then Fashion Night Pout may be JUST right!
If anything, it is closer in color to GAGA 2 then it is to Soft Nude, with a tad more pink in it.
The lips:

On me:

Revlon Black Pearl:
This is 3 coats of the nail polish. It was not streaky at all and applied evenly on to each nail.

This is such a gorgeous color. It it like a black-grey-silver like color combo. It is so pretty. 

Well, I am very excited to have these in my possession. IMO, it was like me waiting for a super huge MAC release that I was afraid was going to sell out before I got to I am happy I got it!!

What do you ladies think of the lippies and nail polish??


kelliegonzo said...

wow you're right, perfect marriage of the two nudes :D i'm totes getting this! thanks for the swatch girl!

Amalia J said...

absolutely LOVE both of them! Awesome post!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

ahhh... I haven't seen fashion night pout before. i dont think we have it in canada. hoping i can get my hands on it when im in pretty!

The Peach said...

I've been waiting for you to get this post up! I agree, it does look more like Gaga 2! Thanks for the swatches! And Black With Envy looks great! I haven't even swatched mine yet :( Thanks for the review!

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I could just feel your excitement haha...great review! That polish is gorgeous!

Starryskies214 said...

Now you made me want Gaga 2 and the other Revlon lipstick! Why do I have to love nude lips so much haha???

eRiN said...

Awesome, thanks for doing this comparison, it's sooo helpful!! Sadly, since I already have ... what ... 6 of these lipsticks?? I've got to stop buying them XD

Nikosmommy said...

Great review!! I have Revlon's soft nude and was looking at Gaga 2 while at MAC the other day. I didn't buy it because it seemed to similar to MAC's "creme d'nude" just slightly darker. AND really similar to soft nude which I already have.
I don't know if we have fashion night pout in Canada yet but I'll most definitely have to pick it up!!

Love, B said...

Thanks so much for posting these. I can't find Fashion's Night Pout -anywhere- and was dying to see a swatch. I think I might prefer Soft Nude more, actually, after having seen it!