Wednesday, March 16, 2011

88 Metal Mania Palette-Looks of the week-Palette Project

So here are my 88 Metal Mania palette looks. I did not like this palette at first. I thought the color selection was so BLAH and not as good as other 88 palettes...but as I played around with, I started to like it, which is why I love this palette project. If I wasn't doing this, I would have just given up on the palette and it would have sat on my dresser unused for months because I convinced myself that I was not impressed with it. PLUS I  really love the metalic finishes.






FRIDAY- with my Happy Booster Bronzer on..I love this stuff!

SATURDAY- this was a special day with my mall UK haul..seems like I like to purples on SAT..IDK i DO LOVE PURPLES!

What do you think? Any FAVS??


KayKay said...

even with a different kind of color selection, you played it up pretty well. of course purples are my favorite as well =) gota love purple. glad to see your keeping up with the project

the Honey B said...

monday and friday are my faves, i love the warm coppers on you!!! Gorgeous, as always! BTW- great new banner!!!

CopyCat said...

Monday, Thursday Fri, and SAturyda :D
my favortie

Amalia J said...

Beautiful! I love your sun-kissed look!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Very nice makeup. Harding picking a favourite really but its either Tuesday or Saturday. Which was your favourite?

make-me up said...

Wednesday & Friday are my favourites :) so pretty

Lorena said...

All of the look are pretty:)