Friday, May 27, 2011


YUP! I did pick up a few things. I actually went to the store to check out the collection, which is something I rarely do. I knew I wanted Hibiscus Lipstick, but the rest of the collection I was kinda EH...on. SO I swatched EVERYTHING. I was totally unimpressed with the cheek powder. YES, it is gorgeous looking and the color is nice, BUT I just didn't feel it was worth my $28, I knew I would only use it once or twice and never re-visit it, so I passed. I was also unimpressed on the pigmentation of Blue Noon Powerpoint Eye Pencil, which was something I thought I wanted and the rest of the collection just didn't spark my interest at all.

This is what I got:

Gilded White Powerpoint Eye Pencil- Gorgeous! This is so much prettier than I thought and looks amazing in the inner corner of the eyes. It glides on to the waterline and inner corner with ease. No tugging at all

Hibiscus Lipstick-This is a creme sheen finish and is very pigmented. It feels really nice on the lips and the color is just as pretty as I thought it would be. It is like an orange/coral kinda color, I don't own anything like this.


Hibiscus Lipstick, Gilded White Powerpoint Pencil

Gilded White Powerpoint Eye Pencil in the inner corner of my eyes

Hibiscus Lipstick


Top to bottom: Vegas Volt, Hibiscus, Impassioned

Hibiscus Lipstick 

What do you think of my little ol' haul? Did you purchase from this collection or did you decided to pass?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Light Springy Pink LOOK

Even though it is still now feels like SUMMER in CT! I swear we can not win with the weather here!! Spring and fall always get skipped over here, we have like one week of those season's weather and that's it!! This is a really soft pretty pink look that I came up, using my INGLOT shadows, which are now my offical HG can't convince me to go another way now..LOL

Covergirl Naturlux (review soon)
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Med

INNER LID: 488 DS-very light shimmery pink
OUTER LID: 431 Pearl- med pink
CREASE: 487 DS- dusty purple
OUTER V: 74 AMC-deep cranberry pink
HIGHLIGHT: 467 DS-light peach
LOWER LASHLINE-488 DS-very light shimmery pink
EYELINER- MUFE Aqua Liner # 9- Navy Blue

MAC Pink Nouveau
MAC Summer Shower on top of Pink Nouveau
Get Summer Shower if you still can!! It is awesome for layering!!

MAC Pink Cult
MAC By Candlelight MSF

TA-DA!! All done!! I like how this came out and hope you do too!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Summer is right a round the corner and I can not wait for the warm weather!! These are a list of my favorite summer lipsticks. Let me know what you think and if you have any more to add to the list!!

Rimmel Crush-This is the perfect everyday peach lipstick. It goes with almost every type of look and it less than $6!

Inglot 401 Matte- This matte orange lipstick is gorgeous and super long lasting. It last 5-6, through eating and drinking too. Gotta love that!

MUFE 38- This is a new fav for me. It is a gorgeous pinkie/coral color and is perfect for almost any look.

NYX Power- LOVE! LOVE! this color. I really love to wear it with any pink or purple eye look. It is honestly one of my favorite purple lipsticks.

MAC Morange- PERFECT orange lipstick for the summer. The color is super vibrant and pigmented and the formula is very moisturizing and long lasting

Revlon Coral- This is a really great drugstore alternative for a really great orange lipstick. The formula is amazing and the color is very pigmented all for $10 or less.

MAC Brave New Bronze- I really did not want to throw in a LE product on the this list but this is seriously my favorite lipstick to wear in the summer with a bronzy eye and cheek look. It also looks amazing with a tan. If you missed out on this color, Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick 902 C is an EXACT dupe, which you can check out HERE.

MAC Speed dial- This is just an amazing pink lipstick, with out being in your face bright. The formula and color is really great.

MAC GAGA 2- I love to wear nude lips in the summer with a smokey bronze eye. GAGA 2 is really the perfect nude for my skin tone.

MAC Impassioned- PERFECT coral lipstick and my an absolute MUST HAVE for the summer.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic (OCC) Lip Tar in Trollop- Really beautiful coral/pink lip tar. The pigmentation is amazing. I also love that it wears like a lip gloss, but look like a lipstick on the lips.

I hope you enjoyed my list! Let me know what your favorites wear and please feel free to add your favorites to the list too!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Highlighted my Sister's HAIR and she finally let me show her FACE! :D

This was my first time EVER highlighting ANYONE's hair. My sister lets me try everything on her, which is so nice of her! :D  I bought all my supplies at Sally Beauty Store, which consisted of the dye, developer, mixing bowel, hair coloring brush, rat tail comb and foil.

My sister wanted very natural looking highlights, that were very thin. I was worried I would not get them thin enough for her liking, BUT she has so much hair the by the time I was done with one section of hair, I got the hang of to make them really thin.

This WHOLE process took me about 3 hours. I swear I have no idea how hairdressers do it. BIG UPS to you if you are a hairdresser because that was A LOT of standing.

I would have done a step-by-step tutorial show you all how I did the highlight, but since this was my first time and I really did not know what I was doing, I thought it just would not be right. BUT next time I do it, I'll do the tutorial.

So here is her head in the foils

AND this is how it came out!! 

ALSO, my sister finally let me do her makeup and post it on my blog!! YAY!! :D
She is gorgeous and her skin is amazing, I barley needed to touch up her face. My sister is not into makeup you ladies have to help me convince her to start so that I can have a partner in crime :P

Lid: 488 DS 
Crease: 74 AMC
Inglot AMC navy liner on upper lash line

Graftoban HD Warm Palette

Lips: Revlon Pink Carnation 

Isn't she beautiful? You have to help me convince her that makeup is good!!
LMK what you thought of everything!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Real Smokey Eye LOOK

I am really feelin the Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Blackout. Applied WET, it is such a gorgeous color, that I just had to do a look with it ASAP

Covergirl Naturelux 320

Lid: Milani Black out-Applied Wet
Highlight: INGLOT 352 Matte
Liner: MUFE Aqua Liner #14

Korrs 44 Orange

MAC Growing Trend

Sad thing is I had no where to go..LOL..oh well!!!!! :P

Do you likey??