Friday, May 13, 2011

500 POINT Sephoria Beauty Insider GIFT and LOOK- TOO FACE EYE LOVE

I have been waiting and saving, waiting and saving for Sephoria to finally have a good 500 point Beauty Insider gift. I was just NOT feeling that Smashbox set that had up there for a while AND then FINALLY, this became available and I definatly thought it was worth my 500 points!

It is the Too Face Eye Love Palette. It has 8 eyeshadows and a small tube of TFSI

Each eyeshadow pair, has recommendations on how to pair the up.
There is a Neutral Eye, Smokey Eye, Naked Eye and Romantic Eye look

And these are the pretty shadows

and their swatches

Top Row: Heaven, Silver Spoon, Satin Sheets, Honeymoon
Bottom Row: Push-ups, Smolder, Like a Virgin, Ever After

Beautiful colors RIGHT?!?! and very pigmented! LOVE it for my 500 beauty insider point gift..EVEN thought I did have to spend $500 to get

HERE is my look with the color from it:

I did the Romantic Eye recommendation
Lid: Honeymoon
Crease: Ever After
Highlight: Heaven 
Lower lash: Honeymoon


Tart Amazionan Clay Blush in Exposed
Mac Soft and Gentle MSF


Covergirl Lip Perfection in 200 Sultry

AND a NOTD too! 

Blue: China Glaze First Mate
Sparkle: OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night
Crackle: China Glaze Crushed Candy

I luv crackle nail polish!! I just bought the OPI silver shatter and red shatter too.

Great 500 point Beauty Insider Gift Sephoria! Way to go on this one!!

What do you think of all this jazz I threw at you?? LOL :D


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I was so disappointed when I found out that my local Sephora didn't have any more of these. Luckily, my parents are in the US right now and managed to get me one. What a great 500 point perk! Love the looks you created.

makeup by danisaddiction said...

Finally a nice 500 point perk! I guess I should go cash mine in...I've been waiting for something good too! I love this look, super pretty!!!

Meme said...

This is sooo pretty! Love covergirl sultry on you!

Amalia J said...

you do a great job with the crackle polish!! Yeah I should probably cash mine in too since I am sure they wont ship to where I'm going lol.

The Peach said...

LOVE this look! What a great palette! The lip color looks great too!

Ashley Marie said...

I just got mine a few days ago! I love it too =) I love how the Romantic look turned out on you...I'll just have to try it out now ;-)

Mara said...

I got the Smashbox kit but I would much rather get this one. OH DARN. I wish it was available for purchase. I don't want to spend another $500 to get this.

:( LUCKY YOU! :)

Nikosmommy said...

Super gorgeous look! Srsly one of your best the colors you chose!! Great job!

KayKay said...

thats a nice 500 point perk, sephora must love you, spending all your $$ there lol lovely looks as always, the pigmentation of the shadows are divine