Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection-ITS UP NOW ON MAC.COM!!

So the MAC Wonder Woman Collection is coming out, in stores on February 10 and I am sure it will be on-line either the Monday or Tuesday prior to that, witch is the 8 or 9.  NEVERMIND..IT IS UP RIGHT NOW ON MAC.COM..use coupon code POW for free shipping

I know a lot of people do not like the packaging. They think it is kiddish and cheap looking. I have heard people say that it looks like the makeup they use to buy at Toys R us when they where younger.  I personally really like the packaging. I think it is fun, cute and represents the comic book version of wonder woman (which is where she got her start) really well.

NOW what I don't like about the collection is the quality that is inside the packaging. I saw the swatches on Temptalia, and I was really just not impressed with what was inside. I was not overly excited like I thought I would be and neither was Temptalia. Since I really trust her recommendations, I believe her when she says if something is worth it or not.
Here are the only things I have considered buying:

I think I may just only get one or two of the blushes and that is it. I think for $40 I can pass on the palette, as I feel it is just to easy to dupe, (see Temptalia's dupes here) but it is the nicest of the three that are available. However, the blushes are gorgeous. I would love to get them all but MAC is coming out with so many collections that I simply cannot afford to get every single piece of LE item that I like. MAC is not the only makeup company I like, so I am not going to pour out ALL entire beauty fund to them like I have in the past. I have smartened up in that

What do you think of this collection? Are you excited about it? Do you like the packaging? Are you getting anything or are you just gonna pass on this one?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My residents HATED this nail color...

BUT I LOVE IT LOL..yeah they hated that it was green and felt the need to point it out whenever they could. One resident told me it was an unnatural color, another one kept asking me why I choose it and that it was ugly and another one just flat out told me that she did not like it! I mean I get it, they are all in there 80's and 90's and green was certainty not the nail polish color of their time, so I do not hold it against them for not liking it, but I did think it funny how they all voluntarily decided to tell me they didn't like it. I never once



This is F21 nail polish and cost me just $2.80. I like green nail polish and I like how this color is a cream color with no shimmer in it. I think it would gorgeous with a gold speckle top coat (which I just ordered BTW)
So are you a fan of this color or are you on the same boat as my residents?

Friday, January 28, 2011

FOTD with my Kohl's and CVS haul + a Cherry Culture Sale

This is the look I came up with from some of the stuff that I got from my haul







Nars Powder in Beach
Nars albatross for the highlight
Flirt! 02 Peach Blossom
Benefit Hola Bronzer to contour
MAC Nylon-inner corner and highlight
HIP Poppyseed duo on lid and crease
American Beauty 01 Honey Love

AND Cherry Culture is having a 20% off sale. This is the site I use to buy a lot of my NYX stuff, take advantage of the sale and buy some things you have been wanting.

I was a originally upset when I first saw this sale because just last week I bought some NYX lipliners AT FULL PRICE! lol but oh well.....

I personally want:

The Milani Jewel FX nail polish, these make a great top coat add something new and different to your nail polish

and I think I want to give this a try..the NYX HD Foundation

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I went to Kohl's and CVS during a break I had from work. I was very surprised to find that Kohl's has some really nice make-up. I really do not like Kohl's at all for clothes, so I never really browsed around there until now. I also found some GREAT 75% off finds at CVS. I absolutly LOVE when CVS has 75% off eye is like a hawk for them!!


This is everything that I got!!!

I will review the Kohl's stuff first


I got the flirt! flowerific blush, flirt! Big Flirt Thickening Mascara and American Beauty Lipstick


I really love this flirt! flowerific blush! The color is 02 Peach Blossom. First is gorgeous looking. I love the flower design on it, BUT most importantly, when all the colors are blended togeher it is a really gorgeous, very pigmented, peachey-coral color. This is perfect for the summer. The price was $16 which I thought was a tad steep, but it so worth it for this color.


Next I got this really pretty matte nude color. It is from American Beauty and the color it 01 Honey Sweet. I really really HATE the packaging, it it bulky and really not needed, but I LOVE the color, so its okay


This lipstick really took me by surprise!! It was $12 and it is very moisterizering and long lasting. I like it more than some of my MAC lipsticks and it cost less. I am going back to pick up some more.

Swatch on hand


On lips:


The last thing I got from Kohl's was Flirt! Big Flirt Thickening Mascara on 05 Violet Vixen. This was $12 and I just really wanted a purple mascara. I tried it out and it is not really thickening at all, but I used it as a final coat with diorshow mascara and it did leave a really pretty purple coat.


Now on to my CVS haul...yipee!!!


That beautiful coral nailpolish is 914 Tropical Tempation, that I got for 75% off.

I got four Revoln lip products and I love them all. No regrets here. I really like revlon lip products, they have a really good color selection and I find that the lipstick are very moisterizing and with a standard wear time. Here are the swatches:


From top to bottom:

008 Candy Pink-This was regular price, CVS had a BOGO 50%
001 Lilac- This was 75%
200 Lilac lipgloss- 75% off as well
022 Sunset Peach- This is the other one I got with the BOGO

AHH these colors are amazing and the lipglosses are REALLY nice!! I think I like their lipglosses more than some of MACs. They are not sticky and feel really nice on my lips.

Next, I got a loreal HIP duo for 75% in 807 Poppy.  This is a matte duo and I LOVE it. It is my first time trying HIP and they are so pigmented and blend so well. I may just get some more! Here are the swatches of the duo.


I also got the Revlon Color stay mineral foundation at 75% off.  I have never tried mineral foundation and thought this would be a good chance to try it out. When I did try it as a foundation, I just did not like it. I need a medium coverage and this covered NOTHING! However. I used it as a setting powder after my MUFE HD foundation and it worked great as that. It absorbed the oil on my face and didn't look cakey at all. So this is a winner for sure as a setting powder.


SOO I really didn't NEED any of this stuff but I honestly had a BLAST buying it all and I think I found some really great things. I already did a FOTD with some of the stuff and I will be posting it soon.

Have you tried anything at Kohl's or made a surprisingly good purchase lately?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


NARS SEX MACHINE-I heard so much about this matte lip pencil. I must indulge in it and get it soon or I may go crazy! I heard it is the perfect mauvey nude!! I NEED I NEED I NEED!!!

I also really want BENEFIT SUGAR BOMB TOO

What do you want, but don't really need right now??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was reading Missbrittanyboo blogspot, (which is a really great makeup blog BTW and you should all check it out) and she informed me that GAGA will be renewing her contract with MAC viva glam and will be coming out with a new shade!!!
It is a nude amplified creme color and will be release Feb. 17

You can also see swatch of the lipstick at thestyleandbeautydoctor, which is where I got this beautiful picture of gaga from :)
ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM? OR will you be passing on this?

Monday, January 24, 2011

BENEFIT BELLA BAMBA- with a comparison and Rockin repulic on sale at Hautelook

Every time I look at this blush the LA BAMBA song gets stuck in my This blush is absolutely gorgeous. It has three of the best colors in it, all wrapped into one beautiful blush. Sephora describes the blush as a "A watermelon-pink blush laced with shimmering gold undertones".
It is the prettiest, peachy-pink-coral blush I have ever seen and MAN is it pigmented.

The blush cost $28  for .28oz of product. It comes in a flip top magnetic box, instead of the original box top blushes that benefit sells.

Check it out here:



Look at that shimmer


The swatch


I do have to admit that when I first saw the blush, I thought it looked a little similar to MAC Dollymix, so I did a comparison swatch just to see how true that is


The swatches


Bella Bamba on the left, Dollymix on the right

Soo..yeah..they are really not that similar. Same pretty sparkle, but dollymix is defiantly darker in color. Both are very pretty, just not the

What do you think? Do you own this blush or want it?
I can not wait to start doing looks with it!!

AND HAUTLOOK has a SALE with ROCKIN REPUBLIC COSMETICS. There are TON of eyeshadows, lipglosses, powders and BRUSHES that are 60% or more off!!
I picked up a few brushes and eyeshadows. Check it out HERE

I got the shader and blender blush for under $15 each!! That is an amazing deal, considering they are normally over $30 each.

SOOO check out the hautelook ROCKIN REPUBLIC SALE!!
It is really one that should NOT be missed :)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

and this is no bullshit..

I honestly don't care how much money I make, just as long as I am happy and I love what I am doing. Having a job I love is more important to me than making a ton of money. When I help people, it honestly gives me one of the best feelings that money could never replace. Going to work day in and day out and not loving what you do is just not worth it to me. I need a reason, I just can't be, just to be. It's not me, its not who I am. I always need a purpose and if there is not one, then it is just not for me. I changed jobs for school, and have been kicking myself in the ass for doing it because I make less money at the nursing home, BUT I enjoy it so much more than the bank. So in the end of it all, it was a good move, I enjoy my residents and it gives me so much pleasure and pride to take care of them and to be a part of their lives. That is a feeling money could really never give me. I hope one day to be a really great nurse, I want to fight for my patients and give them what they deserve when they are unable to do it for themselves. One day, that day will come. I just have to have patience.
Thanks for listening :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My new love-Forever 21 Gold Nailpolish

I love this nail polish and it only cost $2.80! Forever 21 nail polishes are great and last awhile too (with the right base and top coat of course). This is with the CDC stickey base, 3 coats of the F21 nail polish and Sally Hanson Quick dry for the top coat.

Check it out:



I also got these other colors to, the swatches are coming soon :)



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Monday, January 17, 2011

I wish..

I wish I was more creative with colors and color combination..I never know what goes with what and how to mesh it all together. I am so basic when it comes to combining colors. OH WELL..I guess one day I will learn..OKAY..rant is over..

My First time with NUDE LIPS..what do you think?

I recently bought Revlon-01- Nude Attitude for $9.99 at CVS and really like. It glides on nice, feels great on my lips (it's not dry at all) and is pretty pigmented. I have been struggling to find the perfect nude lipstick for myself and have yet to find it.  I'm not sure if this is the perfect nude lipstick for me, but it's my favorite so far.



On me:


IDK What do you ladies think?