Thursday, January 6, 2011

Smokey Purple Look

Hi Everyone
This is a smokey purple look that I did yesterday. CC and comments are always appreciated.
I used French quarter stick with UD gunmetal on top and for the purple I used sugar pill poison plum with UD Psychedelic Sister.
LMK what u think!






KayKay said...

i like alot. purple is my fav color and snokey is my fav look lol very pretty & i love the blush your wearing (if your wearing any lol) it looks really natural and glowy

the Honey B said...

i love purple on brown eyes! you look amazing!!!!

Cydonian said...

I like it! I may have to try this.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

so pretty. i used to wear purple all the time but stopped for some reason. im going to attempt an eye like this soon.

Jess said...

Thanks ladies!! and yes kaykay I am wearing blush..It is mac gingerly with soft and gentle MSF..idw I didn't put a list of my products like I usually do..but thanks so much! :)

Liparazzi said...

Hey there, I tagged you/gave you an award on my blog :) x

Anonymous said...

Very nice, you suit purple xox