Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I DO and DON'T According to the "Makeup Rules"

I personally think there are no REAL "Makeup Rules", but there are general guidlines that the makeup community puts out there for people to follow for a flawless face, to make your makeup last, or just standards that most people follow. Well, some things I do and somethings I don't do..LOL..

Here is what I DON'T do:

I DON'T use primer on my face everyday. Once in a while I will
I DON'T set my makeup with powder
I DON'T contour my face everyday
I DON'T exfolate my lips
I DON'T use makeup remover to take off my makeup, I just wash my face and I use olive oil to remove my eye makeup
I DON'T put black eyeliner on my waterline, I think it looks to harsh on me.
I DON'T fill in my eyebrows, idk why I don't..
I DON'T use lipliner, I honestly just forget this step, I want to get into the habit of doing it though.
I DON"T always like black eyeliner on my upper lash line either, I really like different color liners.
I DON'T set my makeup with Fix + or any other spray

Here are some of my DO's

I DO moisterize my face everday and night and apply my prescription acne medication
I DO highlight my cheek bones everyday
I DO wear blush everyday
I DO wear foundation EVERYDAY
I DO wash my face, once in the morning with no soap and once at night with soap
I DO use eye primer everyday, it is either UDPP in Eden or Greed

What do you think? What are your Do's and Don't of the makeup world?

Sleek Storm Looks with a Urban Decay Naked Palette dupes-LOTW-Palette Project

This week I used the Sleek Storm Palette. I liked this palette A LOT more than the Sleek Orginial, but found that I got bored with it easily as the colors are not super orginal. These colors could easily be found in other palettes and because I have so much makeup, it was easy for me to get bord with this palette quickly. However, at the end of the day, for $10, this palette is a good deal, with two really nice matte colors, that are very similar to the ones in the Urban Decay Naked Palette, which I will compair at the end of the post.

On to the looks:





FRIDAY-This is with Sugarpill Birthdaygirl on the lid

SATURDAY- No time for makeup. I woke up 15 min before I had to be at work for my double shift :(

AND as promised, here are the dupes from the mattes in the Sleek Storm Palette and the mattes in the Urban Decay Naked Palette:
On the left is the light brown matte color in the Sleek Storm Palette and on the right is the UD Naked from the Naked Palette
 On top is the dark matte brown from the Sleek Storm Palette and on the bottom is UD Buck from the Naked Palette 

I think these dupes are pretty close. The light brown mattes are pretty darn close and the for the dark brown mattes the Sleek is a tad darker, but they are still close in color.

What do you think? and what are your favorite looks??

My favorites are Sunday and Thursday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So on my visit trip to ULTA I finally found the new Revlon LE items. I love love love Revlon Colorstay Lipstick and one of my new favorite blogs, Nouveaucheap, has been keeping me in the loop with all the new drugstore makeup collections.

When Nouveaucheap first posted about the new LE Revlon nail polish, I was so excited! she said it was a Chanel Black Pearl dupe and I NEVER owned a Chanel nail polish, so this was the closest thing I was gonna get to owning one!

LE Revlon polish shade, Black with Envy, which is apparently a dupe ofChanel Black Pearl. For those of you late to the game, last fall Revlonreleased a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal called Perplex.

You can read her post on the polish RIGHT HERE

Once I read that post, I was hooked! I needed this polish and could not wait for it come out!
Then, she finally made a post saying there was a sighting of the nail polish with an ADDED Colorburst lipstick! YAY!!! I was so excited!! The lipstick is called Fashion Runway and is famous for being "THE PERFECT NUDE COLOR FOR ALL SKIN TYPES".  The lipstick was created by makeup artist Guccie Westman and was a VERY limited, VERY sought over, and VERY hard to find lipstick prior to this release. It was also featured on every single model during the Fashion Night Out Show.

To complement Rag & Bone's Lawrence of Arabia-inspired collection, makeup artist GucciWestman developed a soft nude hue of Revlon ColorBurst lipstick. That's nothing out of the ordinary, except that the shade, Fashion's Night Pout, is now officially one of the most difficult lipsticks to track down. That's because it was available only at Rag & Bone during Fashion's Night Out, where a $50 donation to the nonprofit Jenesse Center earned women a mini-makeover, a photo with Halle Berry, and the lipstick. 

TAKEN FROM Bellasugar

So once I had all that info in my head, I was on a mission. I checked all my local drugstores for weeks and no display was to be found. I decided to make my first trip to ULTA a few days ago and I FINALLY IT! It was a very small display.

I was so excited, that I grabbed two of each, one for me and one for you! (lol..for an upcoming give away!!)

I have already heard bloggers say that Fashion Night Pout is way to similar to Soft Nude to even bother to pick up, BUT I humbly disagree.
Here are the swatches:

The Lippie- Revlon Colorstay Fashion Night Pout

Revlon Soft Nude, Revlon Fashion Night Pout and MAC Viva Glam GAGA 2

IMO Revlon's Fashion Night Pout (in the middle) is the PERFECT marriage between Revlon Soft Nude and MAC Viva Glam GAGA 2. If Soft Nude was to light for you (which for me, it kinda was) and you thought Viva Glam was to dark for you, then Fashion Night Pout may be JUST right!
If anything, it is closer in color to GAGA 2 then it is to Soft Nude, with a tad more pink in it.
The lips:

On me:

Revlon Black Pearl:
This is 3 coats of the nail polish. It was not streaky at all and applied evenly on to each nail.

This is such a gorgeous color. It it like a black-grey-silver like color combo. It is so pretty. 

Well, I am very excited to have these in my possession. IMO, it was like me waiting for a super huge MAC release that I was afraid was going to sell out before I got to I am happy I got it!!

What do you ladies think of the lippies and nail polish??

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summer Days: A NEW Lipstick Series-I would like your INPUT PLEASE :)

I have accumulated quite a bit of lipstick in the past few months and I can not wear all of them everyday, so I thought I could showcase them for you! I know swatches are VERY helpful when you deciding on what to buy on-line or from a blog sale, so I thought this would be good resource too.

I am already working on posting my all my lipstick swatches by brand, BUT I also want to start posting them by color too.

Since summer is right around the corner and spring is SUPPOSE to be here already. I thought I would start off the series with fun, bright summer colors. I will post the lipsticks I have in ORANGE, CORAL, PINK, PURPLE, AND NUDE (I love a nude lip with a bronzy eye and cheek for the summer!!).

I plain on doing arm swatches and lip swatches and maybe a full face you think? Is that to much? I am just thinking of what I think is helpful when I visit other blogs.

LMK your thoughts and how I could improve the series. I am going to start it soon!

MY FIRST ULTA TRIP..this is what i GOT!

Okay, so I had NO IDEA that there was an ULTA in CT, once I found out that it was about 35 min from me, I hoped in the car and went on over! I know I was not suppose to do any huge hauling (thanks Miszkayy from A Sick Obession Blog,for reminding me via twitter..LOL) but I have never been to ULTA, I was so deprived :(

BTW you can follow me on Twitter too and YELL at me like Miszkayy did (lol..I love this girl for reals!!) and get all my recent life and beauty updates, my twitter is JessonBeauty

ok is what I got:

Umberto Hair Dye- It was $10 for two packets, it has the developer and hair dye all in one packet. I dye my hair every 6 weeks, so we will see how this works soon

Sally Hanson French Tip Applicator-I always wished they made one of these in pen form, it just makes so much more sense!

Sally Hanson Nail Clearifyer- To get ready for summer pedicures

Sally Hanson Nail Polish Pen in Petal Pink- I always wanted to try this and it was on clearance, so why not!

Revlon Fashion Night Pout and Black Pearl Nail Polish- Full, in depth review on this for tomorrows post with camparisons.

NYX Glitter Cream Palette  in Royal Violet and blush in Sand- It was BOGO 50% off

OPI San Tan-Tonio from the new Texas Collection  and Essence Lime Up! Nailpolish
I was so afraid that the NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Royal Violet would be really creamy and oily feeling, but I always wanted this so I thought I would give it a try. I was very surprised and please to report that these are not creams at all! They are dry and apply more like eyeshadows, I was so happy and the only thing I was mad about was that I did not buy more! I have no idea way they call these cream palettes because they are not "creamy" at all.
NYX Blush in SAND. This color is beautiful! It kinda reminds me of MAC Sunbasqu
Salley Hanson Color Quick Pen in Petal Pink- This is what the pen and applicator look like. You push the tube in the pen UP till the nailpolish comes out.
The nailpolshes!! Revlon Black Pearl, Essence Lime up! and OPI San Tan-Tonio
AND REVLON Fashion Night Pout-Full Review tomorrow with comparison swatches!
Quick Preview Swatch

I hope you enjoyed the haul!!

Someone commented to me saying that I haul more than anyone she follows (in a nice way, she was not  being snotty or anything, I actually luv this girl, but I don't know if she wants me to call her out)..LOL..thank you very much!!!! Last year I stopped hauling for like 6 months due to school, so I think I am just making up for lost time and once I go back to school in May I probably won't have as much time to shop in the stores, so again, I am making up for future lost time too!!

LMK if you want a review on anything or if you tried something I got LMK what you thought of it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

ELF Haul and Review

I heard great things about the ELF studio line brushes and blushes, so I wanted to try them out.
Believe or not some of the brushes I wanted were out of stock! I was shocked! I guess this line has really taken off and I can see why.

Everything from the ELF Studio Line is $3 and shipping is $6.95, which is a bit steep, but ELF always has some type of coupon code going. I used the coupon code CAROLINA and got 50% off my order (max is $7.50 off), so with shipping I paid $17.45..not bad for some pretty darn good stuff.

This is what I got:

Shimmer Palette
Peachy Keen Blush
Candid Coral Blush
Fushia Fushion Blush
"C" Shadow Brush
Fan Brush
 The "C" Shadow brush and fan Brush are fantastic. Very soft and picks up the product very well. I have never owned a fan brush and it is perfect for applying really pigmented blush. These brushes are great for $3 and I see why some were out of stock because I definatly can not wait till their stipple brush is back in stock.
  The shimmer palette is ok. The texture is very slick and I could see it creasing on my eyelids like no one's business. It is great for an inner corner highlight, highlighting my cupids bow near my lips and as a highlight for my blush, set with a powder. So there is potential for this palette.

Blushes left to right: Peachy Keen, Candid Coral, and Fuchsia Fusion (which bloggers have compaired to NARS Angelika)
The colors are beautiful, but the pigmentation is ok, it takes quite a bit to build up the colors. Fuchsia Fusion is the most pigmented one.
Dior and More Blog actually did a comparison of NARS Angelika and ELF Fuchsia Fusion
You can see the comparison HERE
 Blush Swatches left to right: Peachy Keen, Candid Coral, and Fuchsia Fusion

AND on me
ELF Peachy Keen
 ELF Candid Coral
 ELF Fuchsia Fusion

I really like these blushes a lot! My fav is actually Peachy Keen and Candid Coral. I thought I would like Fuchsia Fusion more but it is a tad cooler toned and I think the other two blushes were more warmer.
The blushes are a bit sheer, but are easily buildable and worth the $3 for sure. I will be buying more colors for sure!

So what do think of ELF and these products? I am glad I tried them out and really want more of their Studio Line Brushes and blushes!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I did a quick re-decorating to my bathroom

I have never done a post like this, but I thought it would be nice.

I absolutly HATE my bathroom in my condo. My condo was built in the 80's and this is the orginal bathroom. I would love to re-model it one day, but right now we do not have the money for that, plus we just re-modeled the kitchen last year and that was a big project!

I hate the floors in my bathroom, the big ass vanity and those ugly Hollywood lights (I know so people might like those lights, but I personally hate them)

So to make myself feel better about my crappy bathroom, every once in a while I go out and buy new stuff for it to make it seem nicer..

So here is bathroom all done up in its new clothes :P


The new stuff:

The shower curtain and liner were $9 each at Target. I really like the classic, simple look of the shower curtain.


The soap dispenser was also $9 at Target. The soap dispenser is actually a clear green color, but my soap is orange, so it changed the color of the dispenser. I love the antique look and the unique shape of it.


I got the flower vase from a resident's family member at work = FREE :) and the flowers for $2.00 at Walmart. I thought this add a nice punch of color to room.


This is the Febreze Luminary Flameless candle in Pearberry. I got it at Target for $11 on clearance and the I had a $5 off coupon..sooo it ended up being $6. I really love these, this is my second on, my other one is in my living room. I think they are so elegant looking and really pretty. They also smell amazing and last a good three weeks.

The floor mats were a big deal to me because I HATE most rugs made for the bathroom. They are always shaggy and so ugly looking. So I found these floor mats at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $30 each and then went to BJs after that and found the same ones for $12.99 each!! You better believe I bought those and turned right around and returned the Bed, Bath and Beyond ones!
These rugs are microfiber, memory foam, machine washable and very absorbent. They are soo soft and feel great on your bare feet. They also have none slip back to them, so they stay in place.



AND this is me, in my bathroom, after a LONG day of shopping for the house on my only day off from work


So what do think of my quick little re-do?

I KNOW, I KNOW, I said no more huge hauls, BUT it's the CCO ::whiny face, stomping feet::

hehe.. I could not resist the CCO and it is about a 45 min drive, so I usually go all out when I am there because I do not get to go there all the time. I felt in spring/summer season when I went, because I am sooo sick of the winter and snow, so my mind has been moving a bit ahead of time. Check out what I got..I am so proud of everything I got and can't wait to use it AND HONESTLY, I SWEAR this is my last huge haul..this CCO trip was unexpected but I could not let it pass by me and I have been working so hard lately..I know, excuses,


This is what I got:

Marquise D and Morange Lipstick

Harvest and Nanogold Eyeshadow

Improvise Minerlized Blush

Zinc Zone

MAC 225 Brush- This brush is discontinued, but I love it! It is a big taper brushed and is great for brushing away fall out, apply powder under the eye and since my eyelid area has a lot space, it is a great all over blending brush!
Compaired to my other blending brushes: MAC 225, MAC 224, Rock and Repulic blending blush, MAC 222, MAC 217, Sonia Kashuk blending brush, ELF blending brush