Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was looking through my iPhoto and I came across some pics I never posted. It seems like I took them when the semester started and I must have forgotten to post them, so here they are now!

Some of these looks wowed me, as I do not remember creating such combo'

BTW I don't remember AT ALL what I was wearing but hopefully you find one of these looks inspiring and worth trying :)

Look #1

 Look #2

 Look #3

 Look #4
 Look #5

 Look #6

 Look #7

If there is a look you REALLY want to know what I used, just let me know and I will look at my statsh and try my best to remember what I used..LMK which ones you liked the most!!


Lorena said...

They all look great..My fav. are Looks 6 and 7 :)

Tara said...

love them all too, ^ I agree 6 and 7 is my fav!

Amalia J said...

Very pretty! My faves are actually 2 and 3!

Jess said...

thanks so much ladies and thanks for picking favs!! I like 7 and 3 the most..I think 1 and 3 were done with the naked palette..I can not wait to revist that palette with my palette project :)

the Honey B said...

Okay how smoking hot do you look with the curly hair!?!?! look 5 wins!!!!! sultry, sexy and beautiful!!!!

Renée said...

I just love-love-love 3rd look

Phyrra said...

Look 6 is gorgeous!