Monday, March 28, 2011

ELF Haul and Review

I heard great things about the ELF studio line brushes and blushes, so I wanted to try them out.
Believe or not some of the brushes I wanted were out of stock! I was shocked! I guess this line has really taken off and I can see why.

Everything from the ELF Studio Line is $3 and shipping is $6.95, which is a bit steep, but ELF always has some type of coupon code going. I used the coupon code CAROLINA and got 50% off my order (max is $7.50 off), so with shipping I paid $17.45..not bad for some pretty darn good stuff.

This is what I got:

Shimmer Palette
Peachy Keen Blush
Candid Coral Blush
Fushia Fushion Blush
"C" Shadow Brush
Fan Brush
 The "C" Shadow brush and fan Brush are fantastic. Very soft and picks up the product very well. I have never owned a fan brush and it is perfect for applying really pigmented blush. These brushes are great for $3 and I see why some were out of stock because I definatly can not wait till their stipple brush is back in stock.
  The shimmer palette is ok. The texture is very slick and I could see it creasing on my eyelids like no one's business. It is great for an inner corner highlight, highlighting my cupids bow near my lips and as a highlight for my blush, set with a powder. So there is potential for this palette.

Blushes left to right: Peachy Keen, Candid Coral, and Fuchsia Fusion (which bloggers have compaired to NARS Angelika)
The colors are beautiful, but the pigmentation is ok, it takes quite a bit to build up the colors. Fuchsia Fusion is the most pigmented one.
Dior and More Blog actually did a comparison of NARS Angelika and ELF Fuchsia Fusion
You can see the comparison HERE
 Blush Swatches left to right: Peachy Keen, Candid Coral, and Fuchsia Fusion

AND on me
ELF Peachy Keen
 ELF Candid Coral
 ELF Fuchsia Fusion

I really like these blushes a lot! My fav is actually Peachy Keen and Candid Coral. I thought I would like Fuchsia Fusion more but it is a tad cooler toned and I think the other two blushes were more warmer.
The blushes are a bit sheer, but are easily buildable and worth the $3 for sure. I will be buying more colors for sure!

So what do think of ELF and these products? I am glad I tried them out and really want more of their Studio Line Brushes and blushes!


Shang J. said...

Love Fuchsia Fusion :D

The Peach said...

I haven't bought anything from ELF in a long time! I did see ELF is now available at my local K-Mart. And all of the brushes were sold out! I have been interested in getting a fan brush. I may have to pick one up next time they are in stock!

Jess said...

@the peach-YES pick them up for sure! They are GREAT brushes for the $3..I was really honestly amazed at how good they are..they are really worth the money for sure!

froggistyle73 said...

I have everything on here except Peachy Keen. Candid Coral is one of my favorite blushes to wear. I think ELF might be hit or miss because I don't have any trouble with these showing up. Great haul, ELF is one of my favorite brands.

the Honey B said...

My target is so limited with their ELF stuff... Peachy Keen is gorgeous on you!

Robyn said...

I love the brushes - the flat top powder brush, whatever it's called, is awesome, and so are the blush brush and the stipple brush.

Amalia J said...

I love the candid coral blush on you! so pretty. I have never seen their website so maybe I will trot on over there- thanks for linking me btw!!

make-me up said...

Hi Jess just wondering what blush you are wearing in the photo in your blog title (it's on the left side, middle photo... your wearing purple eyeshadow & a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pinky/gold blush!) I am in love with this colour & would love to know what it is? (if you remember hehe)

Christine said...

I love Elf, their blushes are super gorgeous and so affordable :)

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

ELF has really improved their stuff!! I love that Target has ELF now!! I buy it cause it's so cheap! I gotta stop buying stuff I don't need LOL

make-me up said...

You are such a huni :)
Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog about that blush..... You are the best!! xx