Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NEED SOME TIPS!! Really want to get back into this

Hey everyone!
I really want to get back intp blogging. I took a break because honestly I became board and couldn't keep up (finacially) with all the new makeup I wanted, so I stopped in hopes of saving some money and tried to learn how to deal with the makeup I did have.

I now work at Paul Mitchell the School, and I see the students everyday so excited and passionate about what they do and I remember that I was once like that when I first got into makeup and I have slowely started to feel excited again through the students and have been putting more work into my looks then I previously have.

I want to blog again and get this started up but I feel like I forgot how to. My camera is not that great and the lightening in my house is terrable. Would any bloggers care to help me out on how I can take better pictures and maybe update me a bit on whats been going on in the blogging world?

I would really appreciate!!
Thank you so much!