Monday, February 28, 2011


It finally came and I really love it! I think it is a great nude color and it does not dry out my lips at all. Viva Glam GAGA 2 is a cremesheen formula and goes on very pigmented. I luv the formula and think it is a great nude color for me. Here is my look with it and after my look I did some comparison swatches of lipstick and lipgloss. I hope it helps and I hope you like the look!








MAC Soft and Gentle MSF to highlight
Le Metier De Beaute in Echo as the blush
MAC Harmony to Contour

UDPP in Eden
MAC Zinc Shade stick as base
UD Oil Slick
NYX black sparkle in crease and lower lashline
MAC Bamboo to blend
NYX Frosted flakes as a highlight
MAC NC25 on waterline
Diorshow mascara

MAC Stripdown lipliner
MAC Gaga 2 lipstick and lipgloss

Swatches and Comparisons
A lot of people have been compairing this Revlon Nude, but I personally do not think they look alike.

Revlon Nude on top, Gaga on bottom..Gaga is much darker and Revlon nude is peachier

Here are some of my "Nude" lipsticks

Left to right: GAGA, NYX Pumpkin Pie, MAC Brave New Bronze, MAC Velvet Teddy


Left to Right: GAGA, MAC 2N, MAC Frankly Fresh, NARS

I hope this helps and you liked the look!

Have you gotten Viva Glam GAGA 2?? You should pick it up..if not the lipstick, at least the gloss..I am sure you make some great combo's with it and it goes towards a great cause!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Damn YOU Wet and Wild!!- Why are you so GOOD now?!?! Swatches...

Wet and Wild is soo steppin up their game! These palettes are so pretty and easy to work with, with a cost that is just as easy to work with to. It is only $4.99 for these palettes! I will let the swatches speak for themselves in this post.

Blue Had Me At Hello



Left side


The right side..those two blues in the middle are my fav and the third blue down really reminds me of MAC freshwater.

Comfort Zone


Left side- The third one down, the crease color reminds me a bit of MAC woodwinked

Right side- The Eyelind color kinda reminds me of MAC Green Smoke and the last one, the definer really reminds of MAC has that brown,green, blue duo chrome affect like club, but it is a tad lighter in color.

I Dream of Greenie- This was given a A- by Temptalia, and she  rarely gives out A's.
See her review HERE



The last color reminds me of MAC swimming or maybe lucky green..idk

I will see if I can do some MAC side by side comparisons for you soon!

I can wait to pick up another one of these puppies...these were the last ones left at my Walgreen's

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm going to be your test dummy + NOTD and a dupe + Nail polish haul

Hello Ladies! I picked up some things recently that I can not wait to try and see if they really work.

 This is the Wet and Wild Megalash Starter Kit. It was $6.99 at Walgreens. It say that "P-Charged + complex provides longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes in 4 weeks! and the 87% of women saw longer, thicker, fuller lashes instantly!"
For $6.99 I thought this would be great to try and see if it lives up to it's claim. I will take pictures of my lashes every week to show the progress.

 Crest 3D White strips, I got these at Target, the original price of these is $24.99 but I had a $10.00 off coupon  + a $5.00 off target coupon so I only paid $10.00 for this! YAY me! You only use these once a day for  30 min for 10 days. I am going to use these closer to when the weather gets warmer, but I will take a picture of my teeth everyday for 10 days to show you the process.

This is the Broadway Nails, Nail dress. I got these for $5.99 at Walgreen's, and they come with 28 nail wraps. I really wanted the Sally Hanson ones which cost $9.99 for 12, but just couldn't spend $9.99 on it, but then I found these for almost half the price and  twice as much so I figured..why the hell not!
You are just suppose to slap these on and file them down, so I will let you know how these go, apply, and how long they last.

 I also just bought the Revlon scented nail polish in Beach, I love the yellow-green color and it really reminded me of the OPI Serena Williams nail polish, which is the pic below. Don't they look similar? The Revlon is a little lighter but I think they look similar..

AND my complete NOTD

Revlon Perfume Nail Polish in Beach (which smells like flowery perfume) and OPI black shatter on top. I just love is sooo pretty!!! I am so ready for spring..I can not wait!!

I have recently been in love with nail polish and went a TAD over board these last weeks with buying them. Here are the shades I have picked up:

Left to right: Revlon Beach, Revlon Stormy, Wet and Wild Grey's Anatomy, Sinful Colors Let's Meet,  OPI Crackle in Fault Line,  Lightning Bolt and Cracked Concrete. I know these are sold out every where but I got mine on Ebay for $4.99-6.99, from this seller GiddyandFroo and here is the link to buy them: OPI Cracked Polish on Ebay

Left to right: Zoya Shawn, Milani Gold, F21 Aqua, China Glaze Zombie Zest (got it on sale for $1.99), OPI Black Shatter, Zoya Edyta, Confetti French Kiss (can't wait to put the purple shatter over it!), F21 Royal, Milani Silver, and Milani Gems

Nail polish that is not here yet: Katy Perry OPI mini collection, China Glaze First Mate and Hey Sailor from their new collection, Orly Gilded Coral from the new collection and Orly Old School Orange

Other income tax money came in, I saved a good 90% and then with the rest I bought some new spring clothes at Forever 21 and, I also bought some lady essentials and P!NK stuff from Victoria I will show you that stuff as they come in because I hate showing stock pictures in my hauls.

Upcoming posts will be the Maybelline FIT foundation review, Loreal magic souffle foundation review, I  did a haul at the CCO, a small MAC haul, and my GAGA 2 lipstick will be here tonight and I cannot wait to do a look with it!!  I will continue my project palette with a twist, I will add just one day from that week that is not included in the palette..I get board
Also when my Rock and Republic haul from Hautelook gets here, I will post that too

OH and I swatched my entire NYX lipstick and lip liners, my MAC orange/coral lipsticks (my new obsession for the spring/summer), more MAC to NYX dupes, my UD liquid liners, and my Revlon lippies for you there is A LOT coming up..just trying to keep busy and convince myself to stop buying so much...

Hope I didn't write to much, I just wanted to share so much with you..thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NYX HD Primer and Foundation Review and NYX HD v MUFE HD

ME: Oily, acne prone skin, acne scars on face, large pores on upper cheeks and nose. MUFE 125, MAC NC 25, leaning more towards warm tone skin

NYX HD Primer




Formula: I will admit the formula is weird and unlike any primer I have used. It is white but applies colorless on to the skin. The primer is not thick at all, the formula is very thin and more on the watery side

Ease of Use: It is very easy to use. I use one pump, and I just slap it on my face

Smell:  It is has a very strong baby powder smell to it, however the smell does not linger very long

Everyday Use: I think this could be used everyday with no problems at all. It really helps to prime the skin and brighten it up

Good for Photo's:  I have only used this primer with NYX HD, but I will be testing it with other foundations to see if it will help to them an HD quality without being HD. However, I do think that this primer does help my skin appear more flawless in the photo's. As you can see in the before and after pics, my skin has this glow to it and appears brighter.

Packaging:  The primer comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. I like that the pump dispenser can be unscrewed and the bottle can be reused.

Texture:  The formula feels smooth on the fingers and faces. It glides on the face like a lotion would and does not feel heavy on the skin

Color Selection:  There is only one color to this primer, which is white

Coverage:  It  really does not hide or conceal anything, since there is no color to it. It make the face appear brighter and gives it a glow. 

Price: $14.00

Where is it available: CherrycultureNYX cosmeticsnonpareilboutique

Overall:  This is a really good primer that really surprised. I honestly hate the baby powder smell to it, but the smell does go away. I like how the primer brightens my face up and softens the looks of my pores without feeling heavy or greasy on my oily skin.

NYX HD Foundation- Shade Natural, applied with beauty blender, no concealer, just the primer and foundation




Formula: This has great coverage. It has medium coverage and is buildable if needed. It does not feel thick going on and blends great into the skin. As you can see in the pics, my skin tone has been evened out and it covered my acne scars pretty well 

Ease of Use: I used my beauty blender (which I use for all my foundations) to apply it and it went on great with no issue at all, so it is very easy to apply.

Smell: It does have a very strong baby powder smell, but the smell goes away after application

Everyday Use:This is PERFECT for everyday especially if you use MUFE HD everyday (like I do), it will defiantly save you some money.

Good for Photo's:  Absolutely! It gives you a great finish and helps diminishes imperfections

Packaging:  It has a foundation pump that can be unscrewed, so the bottle can be re-used. One pump does dispense to much foundation, but it is something you can get use to.

Texture:  It is a tad thicker than MUFE HD but way lighter than Revlon Color stay. I like the coverage of this, I don't need any concealer when I wear it.

Color Selection:  It is not very good right now and even this "natural" color was not a great match for me and it is hard to find out what a good match for you is because NYX is not sold in every store. I think I am going to buy the next color down, which is the soft beige and see if that is a better match, but I have a feeling it will be to light for me, but IDK

Price: $15.00

Where is it available: CherrycultureNYX cosmeticsnonpareilboutique

Overall: I really like this foundation. IMO, it the perfect alternative to MUFE HD. It looks great in photo's and I love the coverage. The cost really makes this a great HD foundation, at $15.00 a pop, it is so affordable. I hope the pics really help you.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation- Shade 125, applied with beauty blender, no primer or concealer




Formula: I love the MUFE HD formula. When I wear it, I feel like I am wearing nothing. It has light to medium coverage and can be buildable, but if you have areas where you need extra coverage, you will need concealer for that. However, as you can see in the pics, I have acne scars on my cheeks and it covered that pretty darn well ad really evened out my skin tone.

Ease of Use: I apply it with my beauty blender and it goes on very smoothly onto all the creases on my face

Smell: no annoying smell what so ever

Everyday Use:  It can be, but because of the price ($40) I really wanted an alternative to this because it is expensive

Good for Photo's: Yes! The best IMO, I never use a primer with this foundation and it makes my face look great and it softens my fine lines

Packaging: Standard pump bottle dispenser. The bottle can not re-used once the foundation has run out and the pump dispenser pumps out the perfect amount of foundation for the face. 

Texture:  Light weight, it does not feel heavy or cakey

Color Selection:  MUFE has a TON of color selections for this foundation, you are bound to find your perfect match. If you can't, you can always return it at Sephoria and try a different color.

Price:  $40.00

Where is it available: Sephoria

I took the pics on different days and different times of days. I am not a pro with camera yet but hopefully you can tell the difference. NYX has more coverage than MUFE, but MUFE does brighten up the face more and is buildable to the coverage that you desire. Hopefully you can the difference from the pic below.



Swatch Comparison


Swatches: MUFE shade 125 on the left, NYX shade natural on right




NYX HD Pros:  GREAT coverage, looks amazing in pics, softens lines, price, reusable bottle

NYX HD Cons:  Baby powder smell, color selection

MUFE Pros: Gives the look of a flawless finish, excellent for photos, color selection

MUFE Cons: If you need more coverage you will need a good concealer, price

What do I prefer? I still prefer my MUFE HD, it is my HG and that is tough to beat, and 125 is seriously my perfect color, BUT I think NYX is a more everyday HD foundation due to the price and I will be using it more than my MUFE HD to save some money and make my MUFE HD last longer. I really do like the NYX HD and think it worth the money. I think you should give it shot, you may be surprised!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock and Republic Haul from Hautelook AND Rock and Republic is on sale at Hautlook AGAIN!!!

I have been overly pleased with everything I got from the Hautlook Rock and Republic sale and I can not believe they are having another one! The sale starts at 8 am pacific/11 pm eastern and you can check it out here @ hautelook

So this is what I got from my last Rock and Republic Haul @ Hautelook:

-A Blending brush
- Large Shader brush
- Scorch and Hangover Eyeshadow

The Eye shadows

 Hangover is the green color, Scorch is the organgy color
Hangover on top, Scorch on the bottom

Packaging: I love the Rock and Republic packaging. They are so sturdy and fancy looking. However as I accumulate more I would probably want to depot them and I have no idea how I would do that.

Price: They retails for $28 each on the Rock and Republic site, but at Hautelook I paid $11.20 for each of them AND they are now $8.40 each and I just bought Twisted, Paranoid, Love Rocks and Corset and I got their mascara for $8.60

Quick Overall Review: These eye shadows are amazing! They are so pigmented and buttery smooth without being soft. They are really worth the $11.20

The Brushes

The Shader Brush

Rock and Republic shader brush on far left, MAC 230, Lowell Cornel brush, Sigma E55

Packaging: This brush came in a box. It was nice a secure in there. I love the silver handle and it feels very comfortable in my hand

Price: It is originally $36 but I paid $14.40 for it @ Hautelook!! AND it is now $10.80..I just bought the small shader brush for $10.20 and the blush brush for $14.40

Quick Review: I love love love this brush! It is now my HG highlighter brush. It applies my highlight under my brow bone the perfect amount shadow and it fits in that space between the crease and brow bone like a glove for me! I have no idea how I went with out this brush!
Also, I did wash this brush (twice already) with baby shampoo and I experienced no fall out from the brush.

The Blending Brush

Rock and Republic Blending brush on far left, MAC 224, MAC 222

Packaging: This blending brush came in a plastic sleeve, not a box like the shader brush. Like the shader brush, it is very fancy with the silver mirror like handle..I really love the design of these brushes!

Price: Orginal price on Rock and Republic is $32, but I paid $12.80 for it @ Hautelook BUT this brush is now $9.60

Quick Review: Love this brush! It is VERY comparable to the MAC 224, just a tad less fluffly and I have been using this as my clean brush to blend in all the colors and it works great! I also washed this brush twice and experienced no fall out at all. These brushes are keepers and I will be buying more because they are fantastic!

BTW the link I gave you is an invite from me. If you use the link to buy stuff, I get a $10 credit and I can give you more hauls!! I am not paid by hautelook to do this and I paid for this haul with my own money and $20 of hautelook credits from you wonderful people using my link! :) Thank you so much!!  

I hope you enjoyed the haul! Have you tried anything from Rock and Republic? I personally love their blushes and now their brushes!

If you have any questions about the haul, just let me know