Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Hope you Didn't Miss out on Mighty Aphrodite!

Because man is this color DA BOMB!! Holy cow!! I just am just in LOVE with this Mighty Aphrodite blush for the MAC Wonder Woman Collection. This color is just perfection in my eyes..check it out!

Oh HEAVENS..this color!!! MY MY! :D
The top is the lighter color and the bottom is the smaller darker portion

Did you manage to get your hands on this?


the Honey B said...

LOVE this blush, the color is perfect! I am also a fan of Amazon Princess which I am wearing today! Enjoy your blush! :)

Steph xox said...

wow your right it is totally gorgeous!!

Cydonian said...

I'm going to the counter tomorrow to decide what I want... I dunno if I'm getting this yet :( I have so many peachy pink gold shades LOL

KayKay said...

ooh lala its sooo pretty
I also wanted to come by and let you know... i did it... i posted myself with no makeup. I know you tagged me a while ago but I finally got the guts to do it. Thanks for the push :)

Amalia J said...

did you wear it today? I got mine too, I love it so much, it's my new fave!!

Jess said...

@HoneyB- omg I can only imagine how great this color looks on your skin tone..I just got amazon princess..came in the mail today!!

@Steph- Thanks! I hope you can pick it up!

@Cyndonian- I think this color is very unique but I do not own a ton of peachy shades..I hope you find out that you like it!

@kaykay- OMG I can not believe you did it!! that is great, I have to come by and check it out

@Amalia- YES I did wear it today lol...I am so glad you like it as much as me!!

CopyCat said...

nice :D colors :D

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

ahhh i want this color!