Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock and Republic Haul from Hautelook AND Rock and Republic is on sale at Hautlook AGAIN!!!

I have been overly pleased with everything I got from the Hautlook Rock and Republic sale and I can not believe they are having another one! The sale starts at 8 am pacific/11 pm eastern and you can check it out here @ hautelook

So this is what I got from my last Rock and Republic Haul @ Hautelook:

-A Blending brush
- Large Shader brush
- Scorch and Hangover Eyeshadow

The Eye shadows

 Hangover is the green color, Scorch is the organgy color
Hangover on top, Scorch on the bottom

Packaging: I love the Rock and Republic packaging. They are so sturdy and fancy looking. However as I accumulate more I would probably want to depot them and I have no idea how I would do that.

Price: They retails for $28 each on the Rock and Republic site, but at Hautelook I paid $11.20 for each of them AND they are now $8.40 each and I just bought Twisted, Paranoid, Love Rocks and Corset and I got their mascara for $8.60

Quick Overall Review: These eye shadows are amazing! They are so pigmented and buttery smooth without being soft. They are really worth the $11.20

The Brushes

The Shader Brush

Rock and Republic shader brush on far left, MAC 230, Lowell Cornel brush, Sigma E55

Packaging: This brush came in a box. It was nice a secure in there. I love the silver handle and it feels very comfortable in my hand

Price: It is originally $36 but I paid $14.40 for it @ Hautelook!! AND it is now $10.80..I just bought the small shader brush for $10.20 and the blush brush for $14.40

Quick Review: I love love love this brush! It is now my HG highlighter brush. It applies my highlight under my brow bone the perfect amount shadow and it fits in that space between the crease and brow bone like a glove for me! I have no idea how I went with out this brush!
Also, I did wash this brush (twice already) with baby shampoo and I experienced no fall out from the brush.

The Blending Brush

Rock and Republic Blending brush on far left, MAC 224, MAC 222

Packaging: This blending brush came in a plastic sleeve, not a box like the shader brush. Like the shader brush, it is very fancy with the silver mirror like handle..I really love the design of these brushes!

Price: Orginal price on Rock and Republic is $32, but I paid $12.80 for it @ Hautelook BUT this brush is now $9.60

Quick Review: Love this brush! It is VERY comparable to the MAC 224, just a tad less fluffly and I have been using this as my clean brush to blend in all the colors and it works great! I also washed this brush twice and experienced no fall out at all. These brushes are keepers and I will be buying more because they are fantastic!

BTW the link I gave you is an invite from me. If you use the link to buy stuff, I get a $10 credit and I can give you more hauls!! I am not paid by hautelook to do this and I paid for this haul with my own money and $20 of hautelook credits from you wonderful people using my link! :) Thank you so much!!  

I hope you enjoyed the haul! Have you tried anything from Rock and Republic? I personally love their blushes and now their brushes!

If you have any questions about the haul, just let me know


KayKay said...

hangover and scorch is so pigmented and pretty. r&r is always on sale on hautelook. i need to get some of their prodocts

Amalia J said...

I got a blush from them on a whim a few months back, it was ok and glad I got to try something new! LOVE HauteLook!

the Honey B said...

what a great haul! i bet scorch looks amazing on you!

Jess said...

Yeah hautelook is great to try new things..I luv when ud is on sale there..Kay Kay u gotta try r and r..u will luv their shadows..
Amaila j what blush did u get?
Honey b thanks! Yeah scorch is such a winner for me :)

Stephtee said...

scorch looks beautiful...I love oranges!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I really wanted to try some items from the sale, but I find that their shipping prices to Canada are too high. I do plan to try one of their blushes someday. :)