Friday, February 25, 2011

Damn YOU Wet and Wild!!- Why are you so GOOD now?!?! Swatches...

Wet and Wild is soo steppin up their game! These palettes are so pretty and easy to work with, with a cost that is just as easy to work with to. It is only $4.99 for these palettes! I will let the swatches speak for themselves in this post.

Blue Had Me At Hello



Left side


The right side..those two blues in the middle are my fav and the third blue down really reminds me of MAC freshwater.

Comfort Zone


Left side- The third one down, the crease color reminds me a bit of MAC woodwinked

Right side- The Eyelind color kinda reminds me of MAC Green Smoke and the last one, the definer really reminds of MAC has that brown,green, blue duo chrome affect like club, but it is a tad lighter in color.

I Dream of Greenie- This was given a A- by Temptalia, and she  rarely gives out A's.
See her review HERE



The last color reminds me of MAC swimming or maybe lucky green..idk

I will see if I can do some MAC side by side comparisons for you soon!

I can wait to pick up another one of these puppies...these were the last ones left at my Walgreen's


lady_flower123 said...

I love the first one ;)

Renée said...

Last time I've been to Walgreen's I spent 10 minutes in front of their stand. They are so tempting. I don't know how I managed to say "no", but chances are I'll be back,
Oh, by the way I moved to, for some reason my posts no longer come up in Reading list

Stephtee said...

I'd really like to snag Blue Had Me at Hello and Comfort Zone, but I'm having a hard time finding them near me. I have almost all the three pan palettes though...I LOVE I Dream of Greenie, it's quickly become one of my favorites. Who knew WnW could be this good? :)

Tara said...

I love these too!

Mama Laura said...

I always see reviews and swatches for the WNW palettes but I can never find any in the stores near me :(

I just did a tag post. You should do it, too

Rakhshanda said...

Woww such pretty palettes!! wish i could WnW in my country!! The shades look awesome <3

Lil Lina said...

I like them all...!!! Dang Wet n Wild you are steppin up your game!

Mandy said...

i'm getting more and more jealous as more and more swatches pop up on people's blogs :( I WANT them so bad now :p

Amalia J said...

I can't find these near me either! looked at all the drugstores and target- no! Arrrggghghghhh! Just might have to get them off ebay :P

Pretty Wonderful said...

wow these look amazing!

Marie said...

Thanks for the swatches, I want Comfort Zone!:D

***** Marie *****