Friday, February 18, 2011

In and Out number 1

I originally saw this series on Lollipop26 blog's and I really enjoyed reading those posts. So I thought it would be nice to do my own. These are things that I consider to be In and Out for the moment.


Uggs-  Yup! Uggs! I know a lot of people would actually put this on their "out" list, but here in Connecticut we have had over 70 inches of snow and we are expected to get more. Uggs have saved my feet from getting cold, wet and soggy. They are the best winter accessory every! I have had these Uggs for 4 years and they are still going strong.

Forever 21 "Love and Beauty" Nail polish- This is the best nail polish I have come across in a while. I really love the color selections and finishes. This nail polishes also last up to 5 days on me without chipping (and that is with all the hand washing I do). Best thing about this nail polish (if those reason were not enough), is that it only cost $2.80! The price is amazing and can not be beat.

Drugstore Makeup- I am really impressed with drugstore makeup lately.Wet and Wild really has some great eyeshadow and lipsticks. Loreal "Magic Smooth" and Maybelline "Fit Me" foundations are really great. I also really love Revlon's lip stick and lip glosses.

Colored Eyeliner- I am really enjoying all different colors of eyeliner. I have been wearing MAC naked pigment with a different color liner to work almost everyday now.It is a fast and simple look, that looks like it took more effort than it did. My favorites are the CS gel liners and the UD liquid liners. I get so many compliments at work about it.

Orange- I am obsessed with this color for the the upcoming spring/summer season. If I see orange anything I am all over it!

Cracked nail polish- I am so loving this new nail polish trend. I just bought the white and grey crackle from china glaze and I already have the black one from OPI..I think they are so much fun!


Snow- I HATE it right now. I am soooo over snow. I can not wait for winter to be over.

Zoya Nail polish- I love their color selection, but I am so disappointed in the quality. No matter what I do,this nail polish always chips on the NEXT day! Anyone have any tips for this?

Large Hauls- I really need to cut back on my makeup spending..end of story! No more huge hauling, I really need to cut back and save for my ultimate haul at the IMATS NY!

Eye Shadow palettes made for specific eye colors- It seems like every company is doing this, especially drugstore brands. I just think this is a bad idea and a huge marketing ploy..idk..I do know that certain colors make certain eye colors pop but the number of palettes out there for this is ridiculous. I bought the NYX one and while the colors were nice, I didn't feel like it did anything special for my eyes. Plus sometime I like the palette for the green eyes and don't buy it because I think to myself "oh I don't have green eyes" lol, even though I know I could still buy and use the shadows regardless of my eye color.

What do think? What are your In's and Out's?


KayKay said...

omg you found the crackle polish from china glaze?? where?? my sallys doesnt have it yet :( and i so agree with snow being out since I'm also on the east coat. today the weather is up to 60 in jersey. cant wait for this to be over

Amalia J said...

I love your topic!! I got the pink and purple cg crackles too :)

Lolli said...

I'm not a fan of palettes for a specific eye colour. I've never seen a palette for brown eyes that I'd consider buying, mainly because they usually include colours I steer clear of because they make me look sickly. I often wonder how many woman buy such sets thinking that the colours are sure to work for them, and end up quite unflattering.

froggistyle73 said...

Love this!!! I have to agree with the e/s palettes for certain eye colors.