Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NYX to MAC Dupe Series: NYX Atlantic VS MAC Freshwater

This match is talked about A LOT. I alway hear about how NYX Atlantic is a dupe to MAC Freshwater. We will soon see how true this is!

NYX Atlantic VS MAC Freshwater

NYX Atlantic VS MAC Freshwater


NO, NO, NO! NOT a DUPE! I don't need to explain why, you can so SEE it! I do like NYX Atlanti better on my warmer skin tone than MAC Freshwater. BOTH are amazing blues, just NOT the same.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Physians Formula Happy Booster Blush in WARM

Oh How I love these blushes!!!!! I have the the Pink and Bronzing Happy Booster blush and when I saw this one in warm at Rite Aid I HAD to have it, even though it was not on sale.
It a mix of brown, peach, and pink...oh what a gorgeous color combition and knew I loved the other two that I could not go wrong with this one.

Here it is:

Closed with lid:

Up close without lid, look at that bautiful, peachy orange heart there...ahhh love!


So pretty!! I sooo can not wait for spring makeup!! It is my favorite type of makeup and colors!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going to Therapy...

I am not sure if many of you know, but I have a personal blog, Bitchin and Rantin. It is a non-makeup blog, where I discuss...WHATEVER I

I am choosing to discuss and blog about my journey through therapy. I just started going and in this post it will explain more of what made me realize why I needed to go and as I write more posts, I will get more depth.

If you are interested, feel free to follow, if not its ok :D

Click on the link to read the post, Going to Therapy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SMASHBOX Photo Op Mega Palette Swatches and Review

I got this palette from my dad and stepmother for Christmas. I absolutely love it and perfect for everyday use, travel or just as a carry along, if you are like me and can not go any where with out touch up makeup, due to the "just in case anything happens factor"

This pallet is only available on QVC  here and retails for $93, thankful it was a gift for me, but I believe it is well worth price, considering the quality and amount and variety of makeup you receive in the palette.

The palette includes:

56 photo op eyeshadows
4 brow tech powders
8 cream eyeliners
2 blushes
3 soft lights
 4 lip glosses

DAMN! that's a lot in one palette!!

This is palette closed:

Opened, it has a plastic protective cover on the products, with the individual name of each one

This is what it looks like without the plastic protective covering

Here are the swatches and my thoughts on whats inside:

Top row: Vanilla, Flirt, Linen, Frost, Ambient, Haze, Golden Orchard
Bottom row: Frambois. Serpent, Dusk, Chestnut, Aubergine, Naked, Nector

Top row: Mist, Alabaster, Crisp, Cinnamon Toast, Rose, Sky, Doe
Bottom row: Roast, Obsidian, Truffle, Bliss, Putty

Top row: Vanilla, Vapor, Champagine, Opal, Sable, Amathyst, Flamingo
Bottom row: Granite, Sumatra, Nocturnal, Java, Blackout, Oyster, Parafait, Butter, Sand

Top row: Zoom, Cabernet, Azure, Vapor, Royal, Ash
Bottom row: Peacock, Thunder, Minx, Fizz, Pebble, Sienna

REVIEW on EYESHADOWS:  All these swatches were takes on bare skin with no primer, The color selection in this palette is really great and I like the variety of darks, lights, shimmers and mattes. The shimmers and dark colors have really great color payoff and the mattes come off a bit chalky without the primer. When I use my trusty UDPP in eden, every single color in this palette pop and the mattes look amazing. 

Cream Eyeliners: Ivy, Gilt, Picasso, Lava, Midnight Purple, Image, Midnight brown Cavier

REVIEW: These are really great as an eyeliner, but as a base they crease. I would recommend ONLY putting this on lid if you going to use these as a base and do not go pass the crease at all. Even with a premier they crease.

Brow Tech Powders: Blonde, Taupe, Auburn, Brunette

REVIEW: No complaints here. Great color selection and the Brunette matches my eyebrows great and there is a brow wax included to set the powder and keep your eyebrows in tact.

BLUSH: Posy Pink, Warm Apricot

REVIEW: LOVE LOVE LOVE these two blushes. The texture, color, and color payoff is amazing.

SOFT LIGHTS: Lens, Prism, Shimmer

REVIEW: These are highlighter and I love them also. The color select and texture is amazing.

LIPGLOSSES: Buff, Bitten, Guava, Mulberry

REVIEW: These are ok, they are very sheer and not very long wearing at all.

OVERALL: AMAZING palette! I love the functionality of it and the variety. However, the mattes and lip glosses are the down fall of the palette. If you enjoy having all your makeup with you at all time and are always being asked to do your friends makeup where ever you (like I am!) Then this palette is a goldmine for you!

I hope you enjoyed this review!!

Happy new year! Better late than never!

Hello ladies! This is a new start for me and I am really starting to get better. A lot of positive changes are coming my way and am starting to feel "myself" again. It has taken a long time time and I still not 100% there, but I am really starting to feel better. I wanted to share my news years eve look with you all (better late than never right?) lol

For the look I used my Christmas Gift that my dad got me, The Smash box Photo Op Mega Palette, which I am absolutly in LOVE with!!!

Here is a quick pic of it and I working on getting swatches of it up for you for you very soon.

It is such an amazing pallete and it perfect for travel or even a palette to to carry with you for touch ups. LOL yes, I do like to a variety of makeup on me at all times!! You MUST see what I bring with in my purse for "JUST IN CASE"

So withoit further a DO, here is my news years eve look, using eveything from this palette above:

The outfit:

My dress is from forever 21, cardigen from Kolhs and boots from Aldi

With my girls:

AND yes!! I did cut my hair and highlighted!! I will post better pics of it soon!!

I hope you enjoyed this long awaited post!! Now that I am feelig better and more positive I will definalty be posting more often

I love you all and miss you!!

I hope your news years was good to me, let me know in the comments how it went for you!

Take care