Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summer Days: A NEW Lipstick Series-I would like your INPUT PLEASE :)

I have accumulated quite a bit of lipstick in the past few months and I can not wear all of them everyday, so I thought I could showcase them for you! I know swatches are VERY helpful when you deciding on what to buy on-line or from a blog sale, so I thought this would be good resource too.

I am already working on posting my all my lipstick swatches by brand, BUT I also want to start posting them by color too.

Since summer is right around the corner and spring is SUPPOSE to be here already. I thought I would start off the series with fun, bright summer colors. I will post the lipsticks I have in ORANGE, CORAL, PINK, PURPLE, AND NUDE (I love a nude lip with a bronzy eye and cheek for the summer!!).

I plain on doing arm swatches and lip swatches and maybe a full face shot..IDK..do you think? Is that to much? I am just thinking of what I think is helpful when I visit other blogs.

LMK your thoughts and how I could improve the series. I am going to start it soon!


KayKay said...

summer days reminds me of when temptalia did the sultry season. i think this a great idea and another great way of using up your ever growing stash.
about your comment, a blush off sounds like fun. im still "blush-shy" and i kinda wana get into a little more. i just LOVE how yours goes on, its like you know your wearing blush but it doesnt look like WOW SHES WEARING BLUSH. haha

Starryskies214 said...

I don't think doing arm, lip, and full face swatches are too much at all! I find them incredibly helpful! It's one thing to see a color on an arm, but to see them full face is a totally different thing. Sounds like a great series, I can't wait!

The Peach said...

I can't wait! Arm swatches showing the colors next to each other for comparison would be great. Lip swatches are always helpful. Full face shots probably aren't necessary. And starting out with lipsticks by color first would be great! And at some point lipsticks by brand/collection would be great too. Can't wait to see all of the lipstick in your collection!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea :)
I am a HUGE fan of the lip swatch as you get a better idea of what the colour looks like on a set of lips....
Especially when you hold the actual lipstick next to the lips for the photo (does that make sense haha??)
Can't wait to see the swatches

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I love seeing the swatches and how it looks on the lips as well! I'm looking forward to this....you and I both are 125 in MUFE HD so it will be very helpful to me!!

Amalia J said...

ohhh I really like make-me up's idea about holding it! I think a arm swatch and then either a lip swatch or a full face would suffice, doesnt have to be all three every day imo. :)

Jess said...

@kaykay-Yes! it was inspired a bit by Temptalia, she is my blogger idol!! Thank you so much for the blush compliment..I really appreciate that and you will get the hang of blush in time..I know it AND then we can do our blush off..lol

@Starryskies and The Peach- Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it

@Make-me Up- AHH I see..at first I did not get it at all..lol, but I get what you are saying and it totally makes sense!! I will so do that, it is a great idea, thank you!

@makeup by danisaddiction-GREAT! so glad we r the same shade color, so this will help you ALOT :D

@Amalia J- Thank you so much for your imput too..it helps a lot!!

Cydonian said...

Lip swatches are really helpful to actually see it applied... sometimes they look streaky or the color is different than in the tube!

Robyn said...

Arm and lip would be great, full face would be good too! I agree with what Wendy said about lip swatches, sometimes really different application, etc.

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

Will actually wait to see the colors...the summer and spring for me means pinks and peaches and nudes too.I like to very good quality lipstick with less of the chemical harshness that spoils the skin.organic foundation