Monday, March 14, 2011

Found my PERFECT NYX HD FOUNDATION match and 20% at cherryculture!

Yup! I found it! It is mix of two shades but it works great. As you read in my review, 03 Natural was a bit dark for me and just as I thought, 02 Soft Beige is to light for me.

03 Natural on left, 02 Soft Beige on right
Such a difference in color considering they are claiming to be one shade number apart from each other.

Well...You mix these two together and what do you have:

My PERFECT NYX HD FOUNDATION shade! woo hoo!! I had to spend $30 to find it, but now I have 2.32 oz of the foundation vs $40 and 1.01 oz of MUFE HD FOUNDATION. I got double the foundation, for less than $40..sounds like a winner to me!

Here is my perfect NYX HD SHADE against my MUFE HD 125 SHADE

Not bad huh?? MUFE 125 still is my perfect, perfect match, but now with NYX I can adjust the color, so when I get a little darker in the summer I can still wear it without having to buy a new bottle.

I hope this helps all you NYX HD LOVERS! Try to buy the two closest shades to your skin tone and mix them, I bet you will get great results.

PLUS is having their March Madness 20% off sale and it's free shipping over $40
Use code M20 till March 17
So go and get your NYX HD foundation and give it a try!!

ALOS LORAC is on Hautelook with some amazing deal!!


I'm getting the Box office hit full face palette for $14.99!!!

and the Sparkle Pencil Eyeshadow liner for $2.99

I never tried LORAC but I heard great thing about them and this is a great deal not to pass up!
I love hautelook..I have seriously got so many amazing things at an excellent price!


MissBrittanyBoo said...

UGH! So temmpting. I've been waiting for Cherry Culture to have another sale. I think Im going to have to pass though- Im trying to declutter... no more hauling Brittany, no more :(

I wish I could wear HD foundation- it just melts off my oily skin.

KayKay said...

congrats on finding your perfect shade. i went to try to find the nyx foundation but my local store didnt have it =(

Mama Laura said...

Awesome that it worked out! And like you said, it'll last twice as long at a cheaper price, AND you can adjust it when you get darker during the warmer months. Gotta love that!

Thanks for the info on the sale - I'm going to repost it on my blog.

Marcelle said...

Hi. Did you know that NYX HD foundation no.4 is actually lighter than no.3? No.4 could be you shade without having to mix shades, who knows?