Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation Review with PICS

When I first bought this, I thought is was a primer and just picked up any old container. When I realized it was a foundation, I went back and got my right shade, which is 516 Nude Beige.

For reference I have oily, acne prone skin, acne scars on face, large pores on upper cheeks and nose. MUFE 125, MAC NC 25, leaning more towards warm tone skin




Formula:  This is an odd formula. It looks and feels like a primer. It is very light and airy to the touch and it gives me a great matte finish. Also since it looks and feels like a primer, there is no need for a primer, this foundation is like a primer + foundation all in one and I really love that concept.  I have heard that people with drier skin than me have complaints about this foundation and that they do not like formula because it feels greasy on them..but I can not comment on that since I NEVER have dry skin :P

Ease of Use: This is super easy to use. I just use my finger to put it on and it applies great with that technique alone, so I have not tried anything else with it.

Smell:  It has no smell to it. No perfume or baby powder smell.

Everyday Use:  Yes, I think it is. I have been wearing this to work most days because I can just slap it on my face and be done with it. It is so simple and easy to achieve great coverage with a matte face.

Good for Photo's:  hmmm...not so gives you a really flat matte look in pictures. It would take quite a bit of work for this foundation to give you beautiful glowy , light reflective skin

Packaging:  This foundation comes in big square container with a pink lid. It makes sense to have it in a container due to the formula but I hate how BIG it is and I think it is unnecessary to have the container be so large. I need that room for more makeup...JEEZE!!!

Texture:  The formula feels amazing on my skin. It goes on so smooth and feels so silky, yet leaves me with a great matte finish. I also want to add that after I wear this foundation and wash my face before I go to bed, my face feels amazingly soft and somehow looks better..idk if this would happen to everyone but I was really impressed with that and because of that I tend to wear this foundation every time I work because I am now convinced it will improve my skin

Color Selection:  There are a TON of colors to choose from

Coverage:  I think it has great coverage. As you can see from the pics, it covered up my acne scars pretty darn well and that took little effort to do. This foundation is very buildable as well

Price: $15.99 A tad pricey for a drugstore foundation, but you can always find coupons for this or find it on sale at any drugstore

Where is it available:  Most drugstores and chain stores carry this. I have seen it at Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. If you want to buy it on-line, I saw some colors available at

Quick Run Down

Pros: Great Coverage, no need for a primer, easy application, wonderful matte finish, light weight feel, makes my skin feel soft after I wash my wash my face, can always get a deal on it

Cons: Not very camera friendly, packaging, my not work for all skin types (especially dry)


Amalia J said...

wow Impressive review, great job!! I like this stuff too btw :)

Story of a Girl said...

How many hours did it typically last on you ?

Jess said...

I'd say a good 5-6 hours

Beauty Reductionista said...

Did it stay matte all day? If it does, it sounds like a winner.

Pollyanna said...

I love this stuff; wear it to work most days because it's so easy and fast to put on, feels smooth, and doesn't sweat off even when I'm giving a bunch of showers. I can't be the only one that gets all sweaty when giving showers, right? Or is that a total overshare ... ?

Jess said...

@ Beauty Reductionsta- It actually does stay matte on me for the whole time that it lasts on me..bout 5-6 hours

@Pollyanna- hahaha no I sweat to when I give showers is HARD work and they are always so cold so the water needs to be warm...soo no u did not over share at all and I'm glad you really like the is really great for work!

k!t™ said...

what about in terms of adverse skin reactions? have you gotten any breakouts/clogged pores from frequest use? Thanks in advance!

Sarah S. said...

Oh, yay! I just got this and I wondered if my experience with it is "standard" so I googled and randomly got your blog, which I already follow, haha. Your review is just like I would have written, so I don't think I'll bother writing my own. I think when I favorite it this month, I'll refer to this perfect review. Thanks Jess!