Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MORE Wet N Wild Swatches!! Yippeeee!

I got more swatches for you..I think I may be addicted to buying these..I was so tempted to buy them all, but I told myself that I had to space them out



On to the SWATCHES!

I'm Feeling Retro Trio- This is perfect for the spring and I love the duochrome purple color, it really reminds me of MAC stars and rockets. I really like the blue too, it is color I have not seen before and looks nice on me as well (and I usually don't think I look nice in blues)


I Got Good Jeans Trio- I love the eyelid color here


Knock on Wood Trio- Perfect color combo and a great daytime smokey eye


Petal Pusher Palette- This palette is not my favorite, but the crease and definer purples on the left side are gorgeous and so worth the $5


Are in love with these like I am?


the Honey B said...

thanks for the swatches doll! these all look lovely! can't wait to see that duochrome purple on your pretty little eyes! :)

G A B Y said...

Aww they all look lovely! Thanks for the swatches x

Cydonian said...

Oh thanks, now I want Knock on Wood =P

Amalia J said...

Great swatches! I got a larger palette too, something with a bright turquoise, it seems those are a mix of good and bad, but I so love the trios so far!! I loved the Feeling Retro look you did!!

Stephtee said...

I know I'm addicted to them right now :) I really want to buy the 8-pan palettes but stores near me only have the trios.

I really liked your "I'm feeling retro" look.

Tara said...

Love these! nice swatches.

Anonymous said...

Great Swatches..... I especially like the knock on wood trio.

Also just found your blog & I love it :)

Hope you like mine enough to follow too xx

CopyCat said...

thanks can you do wet swatches?

Jess said...

sure! r there any particular color u want swatched wet?? LMK

Jess said...

sure! r there any particular color u want swatched wet?? LMK