Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection-ITS UP NOW ON MAC.COM!!

So the MAC Wonder Woman Collection is coming out, in stores on February 10 and I am sure it will be on-line either the Monday or Tuesday prior to that, witch is the 8 or 9.  NEVERMIND..IT IS UP RIGHT NOW ON MAC.COM..use coupon code POW for free shipping

I know a lot of people do not like the packaging. They think it is kiddish and cheap looking. I have heard people say that it looks like the makeup they use to buy at Toys R us when they where younger.  I personally really like the packaging. I think it is fun, cute and represents the comic book version of wonder woman (which is where she got her start) really well.

NOW what I don't like about the collection is the quality that is inside the packaging. I saw the swatches on Temptalia, and I was really just not impressed with what was inside. I was not overly excited like I thought I would be and neither was Temptalia. Since I really trust her recommendations, I believe her when she says if something is worth it or not.
Here are the only things I have considered buying:

I think I may just only get one or two of the blushes and that is it. I think for $40 I can pass on the palette, as I feel it is just to easy to dupe, (see Temptalia's dupes here) but it is the nicest of the three that are available. However, the blushes are gorgeous. I would love to get them all but MAC is coming out with so many collections that I simply cannot afford to get every single piece of LE item that I like. MAC is not the only makeup company I like, so I am not going to pour out ALL entire beauty fund to them like I have in the past. I have smartened up in that

What do you think of this collection? Are you excited about it? Do you like the packaging? Are you getting anything or are you just gonna pass on this one?


The Beautifier said...

OMG!! This collection looks great!

the Honey B said...

I'm a huge comic book NERD and I'm very excited about this! I'm going to the preview party tomorrow. I'll post my haul!!! :)

MissBrittanyBoo said...

At first I was going to pass on this collection all together, but once I saw Temptalias swatches, I caved!

I want both MSFs, Aphrodite blush, and a few of the lipsticks and glosses. My MAC store is actually having a release party tomorrow night! And I got an invite! Im super excited, I went to the Colour Forecast launch last February, it was alotta fun. They have some adult bevs and desserts too! And male models walking around :)


preppyLittlelady said...

This is awesome!
saw your post on makeupgeek.

Follow me, ill follow you :)

Lolli said...

I had considered making the effort to buy this, but after seeing Temptalia's reviews I wont be bothering.

KayKay said...

I had a feeling MAC would release this earlier like they did with VV. If MAC keeps teaming up with everyone's fav childhood characters we'll all be broke lol I'm skipping this collection but I do like the packaging