Monday, January 3, 2011

One RANT-Ilamasqua Metal Palette one RAVE-Stila Color Wheel


I got a GC to Sephoria for Christmas and I wanted to do a really silver metalic look for New Year's Eve, So I pick up the Illamasqua Metal Palette for $42. The colors are gorgeous, but they creased on me with 20 min of wearing it  (and yes I was wearing UDPP)

The palette:


Here is the look I did, this pic was taken about 20 min after doing my makeup


See the creasing already..after that I youtubed how I could fix it and one girl suggested I set it with translucent powder, so I set it with my MUFE HD powder and went to my dinner. The dinner was about three hours and when I came home, my eyeshadow was completely faded and pretty much none existent. I forgot to take a pic off it because I was so aggravated about the fact that a $42 palette would still crease and fade even after setting powder and primer, that I just washed it all off as soon as I got home


So it was hard, but I returned the metal palette. I really wanted to love it, but I could not keep a $42 palette that creased on me. I ended up exchanging it for the Stila Color Wheel for $25!! Which was an amazing deal! You get 36 colors and each color is beautiful, vibrant and pigmented. I love the sleekness of the palette and the design. I like how it the colors go from lighter to darker, it is like it automatically sets up a look for you if you don't know what to wear that day.
It also comes with a bonus book of 15 different looks that you can put together with the palette! I love that and cannot wait to try them!

Here's the palette

Some swatches:


AND a pic from the color book that comes with it


AND it is still available at Sephoria for $25, hurry up and buy it already..LOL
Here is the link: Stila Color Wheel at Sephoria


froggistyle73 said...

I have been wanting the metal palette, I guess it's not worth it :(
but good to know that the Stila Color Wheel is worth it. LOL Can't wait to see some looks

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I have their liquid metal in the gold colour and find that it creases as well. Too bad because its such a nice product. Glad you were able to get something else you really like.

KayKay said...

i was eyeing those shadows as well and even on sephora people commented about the creasing. it sucks bc the palette looks great too. thanks for reviewing :)

icosmeticRN said...

I know..the colors are so amazng but for the proce and the creasing it is so not worth it. Glad I could save you all a trip. :)