Wednesday, January 19, 2011

and this is no bullshit..

I honestly don't care how much money I make, just as long as I am happy and I love what I am doing. Having a job I love is more important to me than making a ton of money. When I help people, it honestly gives me one of the best feelings that money could never replace. Going to work day in and day out and not loving what you do is just not worth it to me. I need a reason, I just can't be, just to be. It's not me, its not who I am. I always need a purpose and if there is not one, then it is just not for me. I changed jobs for school, and have been kicking myself in the ass for doing it because I make less money at the nursing home, BUT I enjoy it so much more than the bank. So in the end of it all, it was a good move, I enjoy my residents and it gives me so much pleasure and pride to take care of them and to be a part of their lives. That is a feeling money could really never give me. I hope one day to be a really great nurse, I want to fight for my patients and give them what they deserve when they are unable to do it for themselves. One day, that day will come. I just have to have patience.
Thanks for listening :)


Lolli said...

Personally, I think you already are an exceptional nurse. Your passion and caring spirit are things which can not be taught, and yet can make all the difference to those whose lives you touch. If that's not greatness, than I don't know what is.

This is a beautiful, beautiful post.

KayKay said...

first off, i want to say im so glad to hear this from you. you have such a passion for your job and money isnt always the best reward. i say this bc i agree with you 100%. i have been working with kids for many years and my parents have always told me switch jobs for more hours but im too passionate to leave. you will be an excellent nurse because you are there to touch lives, not show up, do anything and get a check. wish you the best. i know nursing is a tough major.

John said...

Jess, you are an will the best nurse ever...everybody is very proud of followed your heart, you can never be wrong when you do that, hang in there the rewards will be well worth it.
love , Dad

Jess said...

@ lolli- thank you very much. I appreciate you very much. You are such an inspiration to me and I always enjoy reading your thoughts on MUG

@kaykay-Thanks girl. Never give up on something you believe in. I am proud of you. Dealing with children is also something that is very hard to do, you need to be special kind of person for it. I commend you for pick such a difficult and stressful yet rewarding profesion. We need people in the world like you.

@John aka my :) Thanks dad..I really appreciate your support. It means the world to me and I had no idea you checked on my blog..glad ur a fan :)

the Honey B said...

both my parents are in health care and i have to say, no one in that field is in it because of the money. it's definitely a calling for people who want to help others and that is a beautiful thing (far more rewarding than money). Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life :)keep following your heart and your instincts, they will never fail you!
and jess, your dad is too sweet!

KayKay said...

aww thanks so much :) if more people actually went to work for what they love to do, they would not be so stressed out about it. thats why we spend so much time and hard work in school. i know, especially now with the gov of nj (christie) thinking teachers should get budget cuts, teaching won't be a job that will pay me 6 figures but itll give me so much gratification knowing i changed a child's live. i commend you for your passion as well because nursing is dealing with a life of someone. sorry this is so long but also thanks for your support. maybe ill teach your children one day or youll be taking care of mine lol imagine that

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KayKay said...

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*~ JuLiAnnE ~* said...

Hey Jess! I agree with everything that you're saying. Nursing is not exactly a job to go into if you're in it for the money. It's just not worth it if that's all you're after. I'm a nursing student myself and I'm loving what I am doing and I can't wait to be a fully certified RN. :)

BTW, I just tagged you! Come check it out!

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

You're amazing girl!!! It's great that you're doing what you love and you will be even more amazing after you finish school. Maybe you're not making the best money now but in the end you will and what better than doing something you love and are passionate about doing!