Saturday, January 29, 2011

My residents HATED this nail color...

BUT I LOVE IT LOL..yeah they hated that it was green and felt the need to point it out whenever they could. One resident told me it was an unnatural color, another one kept asking me why I choose it and that it was ugly and another one just flat out told me that she did not like it! I mean I get it, they are all in there 80's and 90's and green was certainty not the nail polish color of their time, so I do not hold it against them for not liking it, but I did think it funny how they all voluntarily decided to tell me they didn't like it. I never once



This is F21 nail polish and cost me just $2.80. I like green nail polish and I like how this color is a cream color with no shimmer in it. I think it would gorgeous with a gold speckle top coat (which I just ordered BTW)
So are you a fan of this color or are you on the same boat as my residents?


KayKay said...

personally i like it. its an interesting green. elderly people just say whatever but its okay cuz like you said the color isnt really "from their time" lol and for $2.80 cant beat it

Renée said...

Don't you just love how some people have an urge to express their opinion on each and everything. What amuses me the most - is that usually they look like a "what were they thinking" page picture

I love this color on you.

How do F21 colors wear and are they 3free?

Robyn said...

It's quite a vintage green, so they should like it if they're that old! :P If I can't say what I want when I'm that old, well then I don't think I want to be that old! I think it's gorgeous on you, anyway!

** Beauty and All That said...

Hi! I'm a new follower- :)
This is a pretty green color- a sparkly glitter coat would make this look a lot nicer! I agree

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I like it.
If you like this one, you should check out O.P.I's 'Jade is the New Black'

Pollyanna said...

Ha, I like it, forget what your residents said! Mine are like that too - they just say whatever is on their mind. I get about half-love & half-hate on my tattoos if they notice them :)