Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Highlighted my Sister's HAIR and she finally let me show her FACE! :D

This was my first time EVER highlighting ANYONE's hair. My sister lets me try everything on her, which is so nice of her! :D  I bought all my supplies at Sally Beauty Store, which consisted of the dye, developer, mixing bowel, hair coloring brush, rat tail comb and foil.

My sister wanted very natural looking highlights, that were very thin. I was worried I would not get them thin enough for her liking, BUT she has so much hair the by the time I was done with one section of hair, I got the hang of to make them really thin.

This WHOLE process took me about 3 hours. I swear I have no idea how hairdressers do it. BIG UPS to you if you are a hairdresser because that was A LOT of standing.

I would have done a step-by-step tutorial show you all how I did the highlight, but since this was my first time and I really did not know what I was doing, I thought it just would not be right. BUT next time I do it, I'll do the tutorial.

So here is her head in the foils

AND this is how it came out!! 

ALSO, my sister finally let me do her makeup and post it on my blog!! YAY!! :D
She is gorgeous and her skin is amazing, I barley needed to touch up her face. My sister is not into makeup YET..so you ladies have to help me convince her to start so that I can have a partner in crime :P

Lid: 488 DS 
Crease: 74 AMC
Inglot AMC navy liner on upper lash line

Graftoban HD Warm Palette

Lips: Revlon Pink Carnation 

Isn't she beautiful? You have to help me convince her that makeup is good thing..lol!!
LMK what you thought of everything!!


Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

Your sister looks so much like you- you guys are both gorgeous! Her hair looks amazing, I can't believe you did yourself. I wish I had the patience to do something like that. And she should definitely get into makeup, it's such a fun hobby! ;-)

Meme said...

She's very pretty! Love her highlights!

The Peach said...

Wow! You did an awesome job on the highlights! You want to come do my hair next? :) Your sister is beautiful! Love the makeup you did on her!

KayKay said...

wow for it to be your first time you did an amazing job, you and your sis look alike, she is like a mini-you lol and i hope you get her into makeup. im trying to convince my mom into it bc i need a partner in crime too lol

Mandy said...

wow that is a good job and its your first time but it looks like you've done it before.
maybe you're born to do hair :p

Jess said...

aww thanks so much ladies!! I would honestly luv to do hair and makeup on the side. It is such a good feeling to make people feel good about themselves. Maybe after nursing school..I like to be a jack of trades..keeps the wheels turning in my head :P So glad u all like it, I was really impressed myself!!

Amalia J said...

Wow!! Such a fabulous job on the hair! You two totally look alike its incredible! She looks really great, looks like you two had fun!

the Honey B said...

Great job highlighting your sister's hair! She is drop dead beautiful- just like her sister!!!

makeup by danisaddiction said...

You did an awesome job!! She has a ton of hair! I think that is so fun that you two do this. My sister always has me do her makeup and now my daughter is starting on me hehe. Your sis is beautiful! Tell her we love the makeup on her! =D

Marie said...

You girls look alike!:D Pretty.:D

You did a good job with her hair and makeup,:D.

***** Marie *****

Afu said...

hey dear. I really liked your blog. I am going for highlights as well. Just wanted to confirm that which colour did you do for highlights and is it half head foils? Please lemme know. I want hair like your sister. They are stunning <3