Thursday, May 26, 2011

Light Springy Pink LOOK

Even though it is still now feels like SUMMER in CT! I swear we can not win with the weather here!! Spring and fall always get skipped over here, we have like one week of those season's weather and that's it!! This is a really soft pretty pink look that I came up, using my INGLOT shadows, which are now my offical HG can't convince me to go another way now..LOL

Covergirl Naturlux (review soon)
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Med

INNER LID: 488 DS-very light shimmery pink
OUTER LID: 431 Pearl- med pink
CREASE: 487 DS- dusty purple
OUTER V: 74 AMC-deep cranberry pink
HIGHLIGHT: 467 DS-light peach
LOWER LASHLINE-488 DS-very light shimmery pink
EYELINER- MUFE Aqua Liner # 9- Navy Blue

MAC Pink Nouveau
MAC Summer Shower on top of Pink Nouveau
Get Summer Shower if you still can!! It is awesome for layering!!

MAC Pink Cult
MAC By Candlelight MSF

TA-DA!! All done!! I like how this came out and hope you do too!!


Starryskies214 said...

I love this! You look so fresh! The eyes and lips are perfect together! And since it's just Naturelux foundation you're wearing, your skin really must be awesome because it looks incredible (I've heard the coverage is very light)! You look amazing!

Mandy said...

love the look. looking fresh and it's very feminine too. I wish i wasn't going into winter where i am :( i want my summer back already :p

KayKay said...

pinks are very flattering on you. pink noveau is my next lippie of choice. love the look the pink brightens up your eyes

the Honey B said...

i love pink noveau on you! It looks really different on me- like a shocking bright neon pink. LOL i still love it though. Gorgeous look!

Meme said...

Love it! The pink really makes your eyes stand out! Awesome!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice eye makeup.

makeup by danisaddiction said...

You look gorgeous! I love this look on you! I'm curious to hear about the Covergirl because your skin looks flawless!

The Peach said...

So pretty! It's still not feeling like summer in Oregon :( But on a different note... my Inglot order got deliever today! I so blame you for this! Can't wait til I get home tonight and check out the products!