Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello ALL!
Welcome to my Makeup Blog Sale. I am NOT a newbie at this

I have sold and swapped on -icosmeticRN(MUG), EBAY-Jessie9347 (500 + positives and 10 years of experience) and (MUA)

Shipping will be $3.00 and FREE over $28
I include a delivery confirmation number with every purchase
I will ship internationally, for around $4-5, just ask me for a shipping quote
I will not be responsible for the items once they leave my hands, everything will packaged in bubble wrap and you will receive a DC number once it is shipped

Is always accepted! If you want to bargain with me, just send me an email or write it in the comments.

I accept PAYPAL ONLY and PLEASE include your paypal address when commenting or emailing me about purchasing an item

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to ask me.
You can email me at:
Leave me a comment
Contact me on MUG or MUA, my user name is icosmeticRN
You can also Direct Message me on twitter as well, my user name is JessonBeauty

This sale is first come, first serve and I will be posting it on MUG as well. I do my best to describe the condition of the make-up that I sell. Please ask me any questions you may have about the products condition and any additional usage information you may want to know. I will NOT be held responsible for items that you do not like or thought differently of because you did not do your research. Please refer to the pictures as well and for reviews on the products, please refer to Makeupalley MUA


First row, left side: Purples- Beautiful Iris SOLD, Star Violet, Beauty Mark-Used 3-4x- $7 each

First row, right side: LE Mega Metal shades, depotted- Prance, Noir Plum, Unflabbable-Used and swatched 1x- $13 each

Second row: Blues-Tilt, Deep Truth-Used and swatched 1x-$7 each

Second row: Orange/Coral- Samoa Silk (slight discoloration around rim..idk why)-$6
Paradisco-SOLDslight dip-$6

Third row: Greens- Aquavert, Bitter, Swimming-Used 3-4x-$7 each ALL SOLD

Third row: Browns- Bamboo-Swatched and used 1x-$7-SOLD
Haux-slight dip-$6-SOLD

Fourth row-Patina-RIS, slight dip-$6-SOLD
Nehru-Used 2-3x-$7
Knight Divine- slight dip-$6

Sunbasqu blush- Depotted, used 2-3x- $13

MAC Modesty-Used 2-3x, swatched 1x-$10

MAC Nymphette Lip glass-Used 2X-$10


Left to right: Revolver (matte) SOLD, Chronic (matte),-Never Used, swatched once-$7 each
The green to the far right is Green Godess-Used 2-3X-$6
Shakedown is SOLD-3rd from the left


Left to right: Peach SOLD, Pinky (SOLD) and creme blush in natural-Used 3-4x- $3 each


Pout-Fuchsia Fusion Creme stick blush-15% used-$4


About 5% or so used-Cleaner for the beauty blender or any makeup brushes-$10, including shipping because it will cost more to ship due to the weight

Please comment below or email me what you want. I do check the blog before my email or MUG, just so you know :)


ashley_renee said...

I would love to buy your NYX Pinky blush,your delux palette from Urban Decay, and your Urban Decay Shakedown eyeshadow. My PayPal email address is: Please let me know if these are still available to purchase! Thanks! :)

Jess said...

u got it! I'll invoice u now!

Liviana said...

Hello, I'm Liviana from Italy.
Mac eyeshadow in Beautiful Iris, Tilt, Paradisco, Aquavert, Bitter, Swimming, Patina
Nyx blush in Peach
My Paypal mail is:

I'm waiting for your invoice.
Thank you

Jess said...

I invoiced you and left u an email, nyx peach is pending but I invoiced u for the rest

ashley_renee said...

I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you,I just got off of work! Yay I can't wait to get all of my new goodies! Lol :)

iqrayousufzai said...

hi i emailed you twice not sure if you received it please email me at thanks