Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I had a dream about this look I guess beauty bloggers dream about what makeup they are going to wear..LOL..and according my beauty blogging gals on Twitter, it is perfectly normal for beauty bloggers to have these kind of seriously dreamed the colors and the names of the eyeshadows..sooo weird..LOL

BASE: AMC Eye Pencil, Navy blue base
LID: 40 AMC Shine on top of base
CREASE: 388 Matte
HIGHLIGHT: 352 Matte

NYX Pinched

MAC Growing Trend

Ever dream of you what makeup you are going to wear?


Amalia J said...

lol if I do I dont remember but WOW ZAAA!!! You look amazing here!!! I love your lips most of all, but your eyes are soooo gorgeous here! Definitely a top pick from me!! You look like a movie star!!

Lorena said...

Wow very pretty love it on you:)

The Peach said...

Actually, I think I have had a dream about what makeup I was going to wear! Haha! Last night I actually dreamed about pressing shadows! LOVE the look! You always do the pretties looks!

Ashii said...

I only have dreams of owning all this stuff I really want & wake up & remember its not real :( haha

but i love this, totally gorgeous!! I love the lid colour!

KayKay said...

thats so funny u dreamed about your makeup, its such a nice look too. we are such makeup addicts. =)

make-me up said...

I'm loving that colour on your lid! It's so per-ty :)

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I've had makeup dreams so many times...last week, I dreamed about Impassioned and then the next day, I think you did a look and wore it lol. Anyhoo...LOVE this look!!

Barbie said...

Oooh! I love this lip color too!

And yes, sometimes I dream about the makeup I want to wear... lmao!