Saturday, May 14, 2011

MUFE Aqua Liner #14 Diamond Multicolor Black

This liner is so gorgeous! The color is simply stunning and I really love these MUFE Aqua Liners. You can read my review on them here, MUFE Aqua Liner #10 Iridescent Red

This liner is MUFE #14 Diamond Multicolor Black

Swatch: LOOK at those sparkles and the glitter in this is VERY fine. You never feel it on your lids, NEVER!

I tried my best to capture the sparkle on my camera. It does look much better in person

It is so pretty! I really love these liners! I have bought 3 more colors since I wrote this post, so I will do a FULL swatch post and review on all of them soon! YAY!! :D

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Cydonian said...

Goooorgeous! Totally jealous as I won't get to Sephora for a while now! Also, love your lipstick shade!