Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This turned out much better than I thought at 6AM

I say this because Sunday I worked 3PM-11:30PM and didn't fall asleep till around 1:00AM. THEN I had to get up at 6AM to go to work for 7AM-3:30PM. When I did my makeup, I just picked colors next to each other and didn't really put much thought into it. I liked this look ALOT more than I thought!

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Med

Lid: 27 AMC shine
Crease: 488 DS and 74 AMC
Outer V: 74 AMC
Highlight: 351 Matte
Lower Lash line: 27 AMC Shine
Liner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Black
Waterline: Inglot AMC Navy Liner


Inglot 51 blush

Revlon Colorbust in Baby Sugar

Not to bad for 5 hours of sleep @ 6AM makeup :P

Do you even bother to do makeup when ur up that early??

For some reason I just!!


Lisa said...

I really like how this look turned out! The eyeshadow colors look cute and feminine. Very pretty!

ashley_renee said...

Pretty look! I always wear makeup, I refuse to leave the house unless I have some on, no matter how early it is! lol

MissBrittanyBoo said...

Very cute! Way to go for 6am! I dont even bother doing my makeup most days when I wake up at 7:45 (iz lazy!!) lol

Cydonian said...

You do a lot better than if I were to do my makeup on 5 hours of sleep! haha, I usually don't even bother.

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I think this turned out lovely!! You look super pretty! And, I always make time to do my makeup, lol...even if it means that I have to get up earlier (which I hate haha). I'm not going to work without my eyebrows lol...

KayKay said...

i like it. i love the combos of colors you choose. if i had to wake up that early i think i would just get some sleep and skip makeup for the day lol

The Peach said...

Looks great for early morning makeup on 5 hours of sleep! But then again you always look amazing!

Anonymous said...

This turned out really pretty! I'm another that just skips the makeup if I have to get up too early to do

the Honey B said...

you always put together the most gorgeous color combos!! I love this look- it's so soft and pretty!

UrbanelyDecayed said...

This is a really pretty look, those colours are gorgeous! Your not the only crazy one, I do my makeup at this time every morning. I wont leave the house until it's done...consequently I'm late everywhere :S

Charlotte Sparkle said...

The colours work well together, nice eye makeup.

Ashii said...

ooh very pretty! Love those colours together even when you didn't think much about them lol & you don't even look like you have 5 hours sleep!

Usually if I eve get up that early I just do my face & maybe some liquid liner with a bit of shadow... nothing too much!

Starryskies214 said...

Dude, you look so pretty! I love those colors together! Haha, I used to have to be to work at 4:30 in the morning and you'd better bet I was up at 3:30 so I had enough time to do my makeup haha.

Amalia J said...

I love it, especially the blending! I'm always up early to do my makeup, otherwise my baby would be climbing all over me lol!