Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I don't think I have ever been this colorful before! I swear to you, INGLOT is doing something amazing to me!!

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Med
Loreal Magic Souffle Foundation

First half of lid-60 AMC- bright yellow
Second half of the lid-372 Matte- teal color
Crease-383 Matte-  red/orange color
Highlight-352 Matte- peach/skin color

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed

Rimmel Crush
Sleek Pout Polish in Sugar May

So..do you think I should do more colorful looks WITH brighter colors?

This is defiantly something new for me!


makeup by danisaddiction said...

Yes, I say go for it!! Have fun and rock some bright colors!!! I love your bright look today!

Dee said...

pretty!!! you can definitely pull off bright colors. you should try to take close ups of your eyes so we can better see what an amazing job you do.

Meme said...

Most definitely girl! I love it!

makeupattitude said...

Pretty,pretty and pretty :)

Stephtee said...

Yes!!! You are rocking the bright colors...you look great and you should totally keep it up :)

Jess said...

Thank u ladies so much!! it means a lot to me!! I will keep it up..u all inspire me soo much!! :D

the Honey B said...

omg goooorrrgeousss colored eye look!!! I definitely need to try this color combo!!!! beautiful and springy!

Bailey said...

So pretty!! These colors look great on you!

Cydonian said...

I love the bright looks on you! This one reminds me of a parrot :) beautiful

Starryskies214 said...

This is so fun! Hey, if those bright colors are screaming at you "use me" do it! Listen to them! Haha they know what they're talking about!