Thursday, May 5, 2011

MAC Summer Shower and NYX Power-Purple LOTD :D

I was talking with CydonianMU on Twitter ( as I do almost this girl!) from Turtle beauty and she was asking me what I thought of NYX Power and how it would look on her. We are both purple lipstick lovers and I told her I LOVE NYX Power and you know what..I'll do a look with it to show you how it looks!

So as I am doing my makeup to show you all, I thought hey, what a great opportunity to show everyone what a cool layering lipstick MAC Summer Shower from the Fashion Flower collection is. I really like layering it on top of purple and pink lipsticks. It really gives the lipstick a different sheen, dimension and slight color.

So here is my look with NYX Power

Eve Pearl Concealer in Medium

UDPP in Eden
Lid: Inglot 361 Matte
Crease: Inglot 392 Matte
Outer V: Inglot 40 AMC shine and 348 Matte
Lower Lash Line: Inglot 29 AMC Shine
Waterline: Inglot Navy Blue eyeliner
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Inglot 59
MAC By Candlelight MSF

NYX Power

NOW with MAC Summer Shower on top of NYX Power:

Mac Summer Shower is a light aqua blue lipstick. It does not really show up on lips alone, but mix with another lipstick really add a nice sheen and shine.

NYX Power with MAC Summer Shower on top

And I did a side by side comparison for you cause I love you :D

Pretty no??

I really like the extra shine and slight color MAC Summer Shower gives NYX Power. It is subtle, but very pretty. I also like to mix Summer Shower with GAGA 1 and Angel too.

What do you ladies think?? 



makeup by danisaddiction said...

I LOVE the pink/purple look you did today!! Really purdy!! I like the NYX power better with the summer shower over it actually. I wish I twittered...I wanna chat with you guyssss! haha.

makeupattitude said...

I absolutely love that coral on the eyes in combination with the purple.Prettyyyyy!

Robyn said...

Power is so cute on you. Kind of want Summer Shower now...

Bailey said...

Very pretty!! So thats how you would wear summer shower..thx!!

makeup by danisaddiction said...

So, do you use an eyeshadow base in addition to your primer when you use your Inglot e/s? I have been using a base in addition to my primer for so long...but do you still need them with Inglot? I tried a matte on the lid with a base and I removed it. Yeah, it wasn't good. lol.

Cydonian said...

Loooove it! Thanks for posting... I also love the coral shade on your eyelid, may have to get that as well! I went to order Power in Cherry Culture's NYX sale and it was sold out :( booo

Makeup Zombie said...

You created a great color. It's lovely on your lips.

Meme said...

Love those two lippies together! You look very pretty!

Rai said...

Pretty look! I really love the shades on the lid. :)