Saturday, August 28, 2010


I received blog awards from two different bloggers.

The first blog award is an "i luv ur blog" award from KOKO. She is a super talented, gorgeous Romain woman. I am huge fan of hers because she use to post her looks on MUG but now she has her own blog. Check out her blog, Special K, it is in Romanian, but she has a translate link in her side bar, so us English reading gals can view it too!! Thanks so much for the award KOKO!!!


I also received an "i luv ur blog", "Sunshine", and "Luv her Style" award from Asian Beautifier. Please check her blog out, Asian Beautifier. She is a beautiful woman, who has great reviews and gorgeous looks on her blog!



Since it is Saturday and I have to work at the nursing home today. I will not be able to notify the lovely gals I will nominate for these award. If you see your name CONGRATS! You deserve it!! I will notify everyone on Sunday via a comment through :)

Please pass the award on to some more gorgeous beauty bloggers :)

I nominate:
Turtle Beauty
Read my Life as Carrie
Hey Beautiful
Faces of the Honey B
My Fit Beauty
Make upby Froggistyle73
Jackee's Makeup Bag
What Mimi Writes
Pretty Wonderful
The T Collection- She now makes brush rolls too! Review coming soon
For the Love of all Things Girly
Divinely Urban
A Sick Obsession

Continue the beauty cycle and check these ladies out when you have a moment!!


KayKay said...

omg thanks so much! my first blog award :) and congrats to you too. i love reading your blog so you definately deserved it

Cydonian said...

Thank you chica! I always forget to post these :3

The Beautifier said...

Thanks for the mention hunny:) you are a gorgeous girl and you deserve it! keep up the good work xoxo

snooze. said...

Thank you! My first award, yaaay!

icosmeticRN said...

Ur welcome ladies!!! I luv blogging and reading other people's!! CONGRATS and pass it on :)

the Honey B said...

thank you for the nomination doll! and i'm going to need to check out these other blogs too! i'm so glad we found each other on Temptalia too!!! Another reason to love her, huh?! =]

Pretty Wonderful said...

yey my first award! thank you so much :D congrats on your awards too, u truly deserved them!

Alice said...

thank you so much!! <3

Terri said...

Thanks so much! My first blog award (: congratulations to you too, you definitely deserve it!

Terri said...

By the way..which award is it that u have nominated us for? 'Cos there's 3 on the page and I wanna put the one I'm nominated for on my blog (:
Terri xo

icosmeticRN said...

haha I nominated u for all of them :)
AND thanks so much ladies u all deserve it!!

Mimi said...

wow, 3 awards?! thank you thank you so much! :D

<3, Mimi

Pretty Wonderful said...

oh wow, we got 3?! I just clicked on haha. thanks again! :)

Special K said...

u'r welcome & thank you for ur words :*