Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Favorite Products from the month of August

So today is my first day of my last year in nursing school..YAY!! Once school starts for me I feel like summer is over :(
Oh well...I am alway nervous on the first day..even though I have had this instructer before for my cliicals..I hope it goes well!!

These were the products I found I either reached for A LOT or recently bought and fell in LOVE with for the month of August




Sleek Circus Palette-I have used this in a a lot of my looks..I luv this palette!!  My review and swatches can be found here.

MAC Stereo Rose MSF- YES! sorry ladies..but this MSF does live up to the hype! I was amazed that I even got this. I ordered it 6 min after if was release on-line (BEFORE temptalia even announced it) and I was still afraid that I wasn't going to get it, but I did!! It gives this amazing glow and I have been using it a a lot with this next product. My review and swatches can be found here.

MAC Instant Chic Blush- This blush came out with the pret-a-paper collection and it is a gorgeous peachy blush that looks amazing paired with Stereo Rose MSF

Le Metier De Beaute Blush in Echo- This was such a splurge!!  This little baby was $30!! I have never spent that much on such a tiny blush, BUT once I saw the review and swatches on Tempataila (see them here) I HAD to have it AND I am glad I did! This blush it buttery smooth and the color is gorgeous!! It is what I wished NARS Deep throat would have been for me. This is truly one of my favorite blushes.

NARS Rajasthan Duo- I just got this duo and wore it in my wedding look (here) This is an amazing duo, I love the colors and it is perfect for day wear, night wear, or those day you have no idea what you want to do with your makeup.

CHANEL DRAGON- This is the most perfect color RED I have EVER seen. I bought a mini tube on eBay for $18, since the full tube is $34. I didn't want to spend $34 on it without even knowing if I would like the color on me. These mini tubes were overstocks of gifts with purchase (GWP), so I knew it was real, plus the the wear (it lasts for hours, through eating and everything, I never reapplied!) and vibrancy of the color let me know that I did not have a fake..LOL..I also wore this in my wedding look as well and I plan on wearing it a lot more and possibly buying the full tube!!


What were your favorites for the month??


KayKay said...

i've heard so much about the sleek circus palette. i think i need to get my hands on it. and the look u wore to the wedding with the nars duo was gorgeous. i think im gona go broke again lol. for august i bought the most makeup my favs have been Deep Throat, St Germain, Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass and NYX Jumbo Pencil. congrats on making it so far for nursing, its a lot of hard work a lot of my friends are just starting out so i no the stress and how long it take

Cydonian said...

I love Stereo Rose too, I have to admit. I have to pack it on but it's so lovely! And of course, <3 Sleek Circus. I've been using Maybelline Pink Please lipstick like... every day. And Nymphette lipglass!

Mandy said...

nice favs!
stereo rose is a favourite of mine too, but i hardly use it anymore :p
so many ppl are in love witht he sleek circus palette and if only i could find somewhere that sells it :(
thanks for sharing your fav and hopefully i'll be able to get my august favourite up soon. i've been so lazy on the updates for my blog >_<

icosmeticRN said...

@kaykay-thanks so much hun..yeah nursing school is uber stressful..this blog helps to relive some it..it is nice to talk about something that is fun to u with others..i think I'm gonna break down and that cyndi l/g..i am loving it!!

@Cydonian-Nymphette may be my fav for next month..I have been using it more and more..I gotta get that maybeline l/s..this is why I love these post, now I have a list more of stuff I want..LOL :)

@Mandy-Thanks! No worries..take ur time posting it..I try to do alot of mine done on the weekends

3ate4 said...

Really want Stereo Rose!

Marie said...

Lovely faves!:D Stereo Rose is really pretty.:D

***** Marie *****

The Beautifier said...

Awesome selection! My favs being the Sleek circus and MAC Stereo Rose MSF! xoxo

icosmeticRN said...

thanks ladies! Stereo rose is amazing! I know everyone could not get it but hopefully mac will repromote it!!
@the beautifier-I am so glad we agree!! :)

froggistyle73 said...

Good luck in your first week back at school. I hear nursing school is tough, I have a friend that is in her last year and one still trying to get accepted into the program.

I was one of those people that wasn't able to get Stereo Rose MSF but I hear it's amazing. I hope they do a re-promote too.

Jackee said...

I think I am the only one who missed out on Stereo Rose! Boo!! I hope it's repromoted at some point!!

My fave for August...Eve Pearl Salmon concealer hands down! I just got it in July and have hit pan already!

the Honey B said...

you've officially inspired me to check out all the sleek stuff! i hate that its not sold in the states. Great post!

the Honey B said...

oh! and i want to see how stereo rose looks on you as eyeshadow! i think it would really make your eyes pop!!!

icosmeticRN said...

as an eyeshadow?? really?? I think u may have something there!! hmmm.....will try for sure!!!