Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eyeshadow Placement Diagram

Thought this might be helpful for some people. I know it was helpful to me when I first started really wearing makeup! I never knew where the crease was or the outer V..the only thing I knew was the brow bone and the lid!!! LOL




KayKay said...

that e/s placement is a big help im still new in makeup. i was looking at your previous posts and i adore your makeup looks. theyre so simple yet wearable and interesting like the POP of color under your eye and i love that lipstick holder!! new follower =)

this free bird said...

I just read your profile and saw you work per diem with Alzheimer's patients and just wanted to say I think you're amazing. That is a brutal disease. My dad's friend is only 58 and was recently diagnosed. It's the saddest thing I have ever witnessed.

Thanks for all you do. Makeup too.


Carrie said...

this totally helped me. I don't usually wear eyeshadow but i'm totally starting to learn now! :D

i am now your newest follower. come and check out my blog, and maybe follow me too? thank you:D

icosmeticRN said...

OMG..Thank you ladies soo much!! I am gald this was helpful to you all..I still consider myself a newbie to most of the makeup stuff and I just want to pass on whatever info has help me yo all of you!

KayKay-Thank u for the lovely comment! I love doing wearable look because that is what most people wear on a daily basis, it more realistic..ya know? I love colors too but you just can't wear it everyday..I am so happy you like the blog!!

This free bird-Thank you soooo much..I teared up a little reading your comment..taking care of Alzhemier patient is something that is very dear to my heart, one of the reason I am going to become a nurse..we have had people as young as 50 with the disease..if u ever need advice..LMK

Carrie-I am so glad this helped you and I will definatly check your blog out!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

i love these road maps for your face haha. they're fantastic. i always save the tutorial pictures when i come across them.