Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sugar Pill Burning Heart Quad-Review and Swatches

I just received the Sugar Pill Burning Heart Quad. Mainly because I REALLY wanted poison plum, it is one of the most gorgeous shades of purple I have ever seen and with my disappointment in MAC's shock-a-holic (you can read about it here), I needed something to redeem it.

I also wanted buttercup,after seeing xsparkage do a look with it ( you can see it here, it the first pic in the post) and I really want to start doing more colorful looks, so I said "what the heck, let me get the quad!"

You can buy the quad at and it is $34 with $6 shipping. You can also buy the shadows separately for $12. They also sell amazing loose eyeshadow for $12, as well.

In the Burning Heart Quad, there are four brightly colored, extremely pigmented colors.
It includes four colors (descriptions are from

Buttercup-The brightest bright matte yellow with awesome opaque coverage
Love+-Bright red with a semi-pearly sheen! Not for the faint-hearted
Poison Plum-Dramatic purple with a semi-pearly sheen
Flampoint-Vibrant matte orange


This is how is was shipped to me! I thought the box was adorable, with the sticker and the stamp of the sugarpill logo. I also like that the receipt was personalized and signed by Amy, the owner. I love a personal touch like that!

This is how it was packaged. I love the pink tissue paper and the extra sugarpill stickers and cards. I stick them on my mirror :)

The box it was in is beautiful! I love the art work on it

I also love the art work on the palette case. It is a very sturdy, thick case with a magnetic closure and mirror


POISON PLUM  luv luv luv




I think this palette is defiantly worth the money. I have not seen any shadow with this amazing pigmentation. The shadows are NOT soft or chalky. They go on very smoothly and are SUPER vibrant. These swatches were a breeze to do. I would even go as far as to say that some of these shade are more pigmented then some MAC shadows and defiantly better than any color in the 120 or 88 palette. Even though they are bright and pigmented you can still swipe the brush over you eye to get the full effect, you do not have to to pat or do any special ttechniques to get the color to show up. If you love color or need some good quality colors added to your collection, then this is sooo your palette

I can not wait to do looks with this palette! I hope I have some time soon to play with it soon!

What do you think of the palette?


Cydonian said...

Oh, curse you! I want this so bad. You're the 2nd person to blog about it in 24 hours >< I dare you to rock a look with this and Purple Rite =P =P =P

icosmeticRN said...

OMG!! I had no idea..LOL..who else blogged about it? I would love to read their review too!! I will sooo do a look with it with purple rite since u challenged me..LOL..I hope I have time soon..hopefully this weekend!!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

You've convinced me. I'm definitely going to try Sugar Pill, I've been thinking about it for a while now. It'll be added to my wish list :)

icosmeticRN said...

YAY!!! I'm soo happy you will!! Make sure you do a look with it and post it too!! :)

icosmeticRN said...
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Kaitlynn said...

love that palette! i had never heard of sugar pill. im going to look it up now :)

have a gorgeous day

lolliTragic said...

I'm quite a fan of Liz Lorini's art work, Miss Kika is so adorable.

I'd really like one of her palettes, but I've been hanging out and hoping she'll release others.

the Honey B said...

great, now i need this!!! thanks for the swatches doll! im definitely going to order.. i replied to your comment on my blog, but i'll leave it here too. Dunno if you know but R&R is having a sale on their website, just use the code RockCosmetics when checking out. it'll give you 50%! and i use a flat iron for my curls! =]

Robyn said...

Do want :(

Mimi said...

i like the bright colors! :)

<3, Mimi

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

These colors look great!!! I've never tried Sugar Pill but maybe I should LOL.... do a look with all 4 colors in one :)

icosmeticRN said...

WOW!! I am sooo happy you all love this palette like I do..I soo think it is worth a shot!
Thanks for info honeyB..I reply back on ur blog too hun! I can not wait to get some rockin republic stuff now!! that is a challenge for me to do all colors in one look..but I could give it shot! I could see u doing a lot with palette!!

Lolli I had no idea who the artist was..thanks for that info!

Robyn-If you even want a CP..just let me know :)

Jackee said...

I love this palette, but I am trying to stop spending knock it off with these awesome reviews! HA!! I may have to break down and purchase this next week. I can't wait to see what looks you come up with!!

icosmeticRN said...

No worries Jackee..After the UD BOS3 comes out..I will calming down on my makeup purchases and focusing on school...soo u will probably get less reviews and more maybe u will less inclined to spend money!! LOL :)

The Beautifier said...

whoa! those bright colors are LOVE! You sure gonna have fun playing with these colors! xoxo

dolcearia said...

I want this. I just have a hard time ordering things online that I cant put on myself first. Even with companies i KNOW i love, or products that I'm sure will be awesome, it takes a LOT of motivation to order it, wait, and then hope I'm happy with it.

Looks like a great variety of starter brights, though! I got a bunch of mine from SMH that are lovely too. Soo rare to see NICE bright palettes though!

Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

Poison plum looks sooo blah purple but the swatch is AHMAZEHING! It is the one that stands out the most from the entire lot that's for sure!!! xo

CopyCat said...

I want sugar pill :))) love it

thanks for following my blog

Yuri said...

Ive been thinking about geting a palette from them, Just stocking the website every other but I can totally see I need to get one for sure now!

mubashar said...

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