Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Collection SWATCHES ARE OUT!!!

RUN to Temptalia to see all the swatches and photos of MAC Venomous Villains Collection.
She got to go to an early press release of the collection and has all four villains collection on hand. The collection is scheduled to be released in the US on September 30. I put all the links to each collection below the picuture


CHECK OUT THE WHOLE COLLECTION HERE with must haves, nice to haves, and skips


Even though I am not crazy about the packaging, this is my PENDING WISH LIST:
Toxic Tale L/S from the Evil Queen Collection
Vile Violet E/S from the Evil Queen Collection
Bite of an Apple Blush from the Evil Queen Collection
Sweet Joy E/S from Cruelle De Vil Collection
Bed Fairy Nail Polish from the Maleficent Collection
French Quarters Grease Paint Stick from the Dr. Faciler Collection

These are all the dupes she mentioned:

Skip DEVILISHLY STYLISH if you have LOTS OF NUDE GLOSSES; it’s a nice champagne nude gloss, but there’s nothing particularly unique/different about it that makes it a must-have amongst nudes.

SWEET JOY if you have DREAMMAKER, CREME ROYALE, CREME DE MIEL. They are all very similar–pale, light yellow gold with a frosty finish. It has a lovely finish, but you may already have something like it in your stash.

DE-VIL if you have COPPERING. They are incredibly similar.

HER ALTER IMAGE if you have BEAUTIFUL IRIS — if you’re on a tight budget. They do differ noticeably, but it’s not a significant difference. It’s skippable if you have the latter, unless you’re a fiend for pale purples.

VAINGLORIOUS if you have STAR VIOLET. They’re pretty similar.

SHE WHO DARES if you have BLUE FLAME and you’re ONLY interested in the blue side–the green side is not dupeable by Blue Flame (or any of the Style Black eyeshadows).

FORMIDABLE if you have ORLY GALAXY GIRL. They are exactly the same. ORLY is $10, MAC is $13, but MAC may be more accessible for some. You can’t go wrong either way–the product is fantastic.

MEAN & GREEN if you have ORLY SPACE CADET. Same reason as above.



snooze. said...

I still really don't like the packaging, but I think I'm going to pick up Cruella de Vil Darkly My Dear blush and the Maleficent Formidable! nailpolish (Orly doesn't sell in Belgium I think). There are a lot of nice things in this collection, but just not for me I think!

Robyn said...

I don't think I'm going to bother, to be honest. I looove the boxes but hate the packaging and nothing wows me colour wise, either. Some nice stuff but I'm not breaking the bank or risking getting mobbed for it.

Adele said...

thanks for this post! i want a few bits bit its lusts over musts! x

KayKay said...

i want it ALL lol my bday is oct 2nd and i told my parents all i want is mac gift card lol so excited :)

icosmeticRN said...

I really still do dislike the packaging...but the evil queen collection is really rocking my socks!! LOL It is the best one IMO!!

Cydonian said...

Was a bit disappointed by the swatches... think I'm getting Violetta lipstick and Bite of an Apple blush :) and that's pretty much it.

Jackee said...

I'm gonna go take a peek.....=0)

icosmeticRN said...

hehe..let me know what u like...there is soo much I am sure you will find one thing!! I am such a pusher :p