Monday, August 9, 2010

Dare to Wear-Shock-a-Holic Review, Swatches and Comparison to Fig 1

I just got Shock-a-Holic and am a very disappointed. Based on the color on-line and the color in the pan it looked gorgeous! I love purples and mattes, so I thought it would be a good fit for me..I was wrong!
The pigmentation of this color is awful!! It took me about four tries to build up the color on the swatch and when I tried it in a blended all away :(  I know I am not a professional and I am still learning new makeup tricks everyday, but your eyeshadow should not come off as you are blending!!

I also started to look in my small collection of shadows to see if maybe I had something similar to this color and Fig 1 looked close enough, so I did a side by side swatch of the two and WOW!!! With one swipe    Fig 1 one was more vibrant and beautiful than Shock-a-Holic will ever be!!!

Shock-a-Holic in looks so pretty!

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Swatch of Shock-a-Holic..I know it looks nice, but keep in mind that this is four layers of the shadow and it is soo hard to get it to look like this on your eye!

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Shock-a-Holic Vs. Fig 1
Fig 1 is a little darker but WAY more pigmented and easier to work with!

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Shock-a-Holic is on the left and Fig 1 is on the right
Again, keep in mind that it four layer to build up Shock-a-Holic and one layer for Fig 1

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I hit pan on my first shadow ever..LOL!!
It's Ricepaper and it is really my all time favorite highlight and color!!

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Cydonian said...

Congrats on pan! lol

Have you tried Shock-a-holic over a white base? That helps a lot with the Dare to Wear shadows... also trade it out for Zingy if you can, so much better! =P

icosmeticRN said...

No I haven't tried it on a white base...I could give that a try..thanks for the tip!
I heard zingy was good..I also really want aqua..I should have just waited for the review and got that

Mary007 said...

Shock-a-holic is such a beautiful color on the pan. Are you going to post any looks using these colors? I hope you do!

icosmeticRN said...

@mary007..I that I have that tip from Cydonian to try it with a white base..