Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh APPLE DIPPERS..How I love THEE..great weight loss tip..

Happy Friday ladies!!! I know with the beautiful weekend coming up it will be to hot to cook, so I am sure alot of us will be going out to eat..I know I go out to eat at least once every I thought it would nice to share a healthy eating out tip with you all.

McDonald's Apple Dippers have easily become my favorite fast food item. They are so yummy and help me to stay on a healthy track. They are sweet, crunchy, almost taste like candy (thanks to the caramel) and they are ONLY a DOLLAR!
Apple Dippers have replaced french fries in my life..yes..that's right..I said REPLACED!!!
I am the french fry queen. Everywhere I would go I would ALWAYS order french matter what! I personally believe that this is one of the reason why I have gained weight, so I now try my darnest to stay away from them.

So here is my excuse for choosing apple dippers over french fries.
French fries are only good for the first few fries, when they are really hot and just come out of the fryer. They then get cold and soggy in matter of minutes and just don't taste the same after that. So then I start eating them just because I have them and not because they taste good.
Also, the calorie stats help too!
A small fry has 230 calories and 11g of fat
A medium fry has 380 calories and 19g of fat
A large fry has 500 calories and 25g of fat!!!!!
Yikes!!! All with no added vitamins...just loads of carbs, plus you always get something else with your fries, like a hamburger or chicken nuggets and that just adds on to your calories too.

Apple Dippers on the other hand are just a total of 135 calories(yes, that is with the low-fat caramel dipping sauce) and 1g of fat. They also have 310% of your daily Vitamin C and 6% of your daily Calcium. Plus since apples have a lot of water in them, so they keep you fuller a lot longer than any small, medium, or large fry!

So if you eat apple dippers over a small french fry, you will be saving yourself 135 calories and 10g of fat..DAMN!!!!!! Plus you will adding in some nutrients :)

I hope I have convinced you to replace your french fries with apple dippers or at least try it! I know it is tough but it is really worth it..I don't ever crave the french fries any more because all I want are these dippers!!!!

YUMMY!!!!!! :)


Jackee said...

Wow! This is a great post!! Thank you so much for sharing! I have such a weakness for fries...especially McDonald's fries! Damn them! I will keep this in mind when I go there next time!!

icosmeticRN said...

hehe..thanks!!!yeah me too!! thats why I wanted to share, fries are sooo my enemy!! Another good tip is you can get them with happy meals too..that way you have a smaller portion of everything!! I am glad I could help, let me know if you try them and thanks for the comment!!

Jessie said...

I, too, have a weakness for McDonald's fries.. but unfortunately, I can't chew apples that well (damn soft teeth) and I love them, which is sad because that would be a great weight loss thing lol