Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Makeup storage Tip #1-Clear Acrylic Makeup Storage at Target!!

I needed some serious organiztion for my everyday makeup. I used this makeup everyday and because of this I never put it away properly in my makeup drawers, I would always just leave it on top of my dresser and I was tired of looking it all messy. So I went to Target on a mission and I found what I was looking for!

It is the Caboodles Cosmetic Cutie Organizer and I paid $13.49 for it at my local Target, but it is online too! Check it out....I filled it up perfectly!!Photobucket
My daily makeup face products are to the left and my daily skincare items are to the right. Primers and concealers in the back with my beauty blender (love this!!) and  my eyebrow care station (tweezers, eyebrow sissors, and brush) I also had room for q-tips, cotten balls and cotten rounds. Everything I use on daily basis fit perfectly..I love it!


Cydonian said...

Cool idea! Did they have any that would work for glosses and fit in a drawer? My kit is overflowing atm lol

icosmeticRN said...

haha no..I didn't see any for lipstick, but I did swap for an amazing lipstick holder on Makeupalley.com (MUA). I should be getting it soon and when I do I will be doing a review on it and showing you all pics of it. I know amazon.com has lipstick holder but they were like $17-$20..I kinda thought that was to expensive..but it might be worth it to you!

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Omg, thanks for sharing! Being a hardcore makeup junkie, I have tons of product, so I'm always looking for good storage. I am definitely going to get this...I even have a Target giftcard to use ;)



icosmeticRN said...

no problem!! glad I could help you spend your target GC!!! Let us know what else you get too..maybe you will find some gem!

froggistyle73 said...

@ Cydonian, I have seen a few different styles in my Target and I know one would work for lipstick/glosses and depending on the depth of your drawer it will fit.

I love these acrylic makeup storage containers. I have one for my brushes too and it is such a breeze to clean. Great post!!! If you have a CVS near you, they have a few different styles as well.

Story of a Girl said...

Great product ! :) can't wait to go to target with money in my pocket to get this ! lol