Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make-up Forever (MUFE) Aqua Eyes Collection

I bought this collection off of Ebay because it was limted edition at Sephoria. Christine from raves about these eyeliners, so I just had to try them. Being the cheap-O makeup lover that I am, I could NOT spend $18 on one eyeliner, without knowing if I would really like it. So I searched the web and came across this mini collection on ebay from the seller vspmel2000 . It was $29 with free shipping! I thought that was a great deal and vspmel2000  feedback was great! Normally, I don't recommend buying make-up off of Ebay because it can be fake (especially the MAC), however I have never heard of fake MUFE. This product looked real and with the great feedback I decided to go for it. The shipping was fast (I got it within the week) and eyeliner's look great. There are few left on Ebay, so if you are interested in getting the set for yourself, the link for it is here.

Top to bottom: #1L. #6L, #8L, #11L, #23L

The color variety in this set is great and so far I really like the liners. They do not tug and the colors do stay on my waterline. My favorites are #11L and #23L (which looks great in the inner corner!)


Jackee said...

Ooh...I may have to check these out on ebay! Thanks for the info!

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

I've been wanting to try these! Thanks for sharing :)



icosmeticRN said...

Your welcome ladies! Glad I could help :)

Mary007 said...

I have the same collection and I luv it!

juliekirwan said...

I've wanted to get these for ages, thanks for trying! think i'll go abd buy them now :)

icosmeticRN said...

Great!! Glad I could help!! ur blog :)