Monday, May 9, 2011


I bought a few INGLOT lipsticks just to try them out and I like them a lot!

They are $12 for .16 oz and the matte lip pencil is $11 for .16 oz

Inglot Lipstick Finishes are:

Slim Gel Lipstick
Matte AMC Lip Pencil

They also sell lip paint, which seem to be like liquid lipstick, lip gloss and lip liners too.

I bought every finish EXCEPT for the pearl finish.

The Matte finish is waxy to apply and not moisturizing at all BUT VERY long lasting. Last about 4-5 hours on my lips even when I apply chapstick on top of the color. They have a huge color selection for matte lipsticks, which is very nice. Even though the lipstick feels waxy at first, that feeling does go away. I really like these mattes.

The Cream finish applies like butter and it very moisturizing! I love this finish and how it feels on the lips. They last about 2 hours or so on me

The Slim Gel Lipstick reminds me of MACs Sheen Supreme Lipstick (even though I have never owned one). They apply very easy onto the lips, have a hint of color and are VERY moisturizing on the lips. MACs cost $14.50, INGLOTs are $12.00, much better deal! These last about 1-2 hours on me.

The Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil are VERY nice. They remind me of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (although, again I have never tried them so I can not compair). The apply on to the lips nicely and feel a dry on the lips, BUT that is nothing some chapstick can not finish. These are VERY long lasting as well, with 4-5 hours of wear on me. The NARS matte velet are $24, INGLOT is $11. So, try these first, if you never tried a matte pencil lipstick.

Left to Right: INGLOT 148 Creme, 401 Matte, 418 Matte, 42 Slim Gel Lipstick, 51 Slim Gel Lipstick, 18 Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil

148 Creme

401 Matte

418 Matte

42 Slim Gel Lipstick

51 Slim Gel Lipstick

18 Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil

I hope these swatches and review has helped you. I really like INGLOTs lipsticks and prices. I want more, BUT I think for my next INGLOT haul, I will actually take a trip to their store in NYC (why not? It is just a 2 hour train ride for me!). I think I will go sometime next month and that is when I will buy some more of the lipsticks and try out some other things from them as well.

So how do you ladies feel about INGLOT lipsticks?


Anonymous said...

Great review and swatches! I'm very intrigued now and can't wait to place my next Inglot order!

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I may give these a try. I really like the 42 slim gel pencil...but 1-2 hrs? Blah. haha. LOVE the 401 Matte...I think that is what I will go for! Thanks for the review and swatches!!

Cydonian said...

148 and 401 are my faves!!

Amalia J said...

Oh man dont tempt me with more Inglot lol!! I LOVE 148!!

Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

Ugh! You're an enabler! I really shouldn't be allowed to read your blog anymore because you cause me to practically hemorrhage money. I want ALL of these lippies! My Inglot wishlist is officially 10 miles long. :)

KayKay said...

i like the finish of the lipstick it doesnt look dry at all. nice swatches. lmk if u wana plan an nyc trip we can do some more damage to our wallets haha

the Honey B said...

WOW, those look amazing! I really love that lip pencil especially! Thanks for posting!

Robyn said...

401 is amazing! The range looks great! $11 is pretty good, too!

Tara said...

love the colors! you always have the best picks in lip color.

The Peach said...

You are making me want to order some Inglot! Bad! :) Love these colors! The creme finish and the lip pencil look amazing! You have great lips for swatching!

Name That said...

Thank You, I want to try all of the Slim Gels and Matte 401 looks great.

KeLLsTaR said...

Excellent review! I know what you mean about the mattes, they last ages but can seem "dry". I've been layering them too, either which chapstick like you, or with other lipsticks. They layer great. :-)

Keep em coming!