Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NYX HD Primer and Foundation Review and NYX HD v MUFE HD

ME: Oily, acne prone skin, acne scars on face, large pores on upper cheeks and nose. MUFE 125, MAC NC 25, leaning more towards warm tone skin

NYX HD Primer




Formula: I will admit the formula is weird and unlike any primer I have used. It is white but applies colorless on to the skin. The primer is not thick at all, the formula is very thin and more on the watery side

Ease of Use: It is very easy to use. I use one pump, and I just slap it on my face

Smell:  It is has a very strong baby powder smell to it, however the smell does not linger very long

Everyday Use: I think this could be used everyday with no problems at all. It really helps to prime the skin and brighten it up

Good for Photo's:  I have only used this primer with NYX HD, but I will be testing it with other foundations to see if it will help to them an HD quality without being HD. However, I do think that this primer does help my skin appear more flawless in the photo's. As you can see in the before and after pics, my skin has this glow to it and appears brighter.

Packaging:  The primer comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. I like that the pump dispenser can be unscrewed and the bottle can be reused.

Texture:  The formula feels smooth on the fingers and faces. It glides on the face like a lotion would and does not feel heavy on the skin

Color Selection:  There is only one color to this primer, which is white

Coverage:  It  really does not hide or conceal anything, since there is no color to it. It make the face appear brighter and gives it a glow. 

Price: $14.00

Where is it available: CherrycultureNYX cosmeticsnonpareilboutique

Overall:  This is a really good primer that really surprised. I honestly hate the baby powder smell to it, but the smell does go away. I like how the primer brightens my face up and softens the looks of my pores without feeling heavy or greasy on my oily skin.

NYX HD Foundation- Shade Natural, applied with beauty blender, no concealer, just the primer and foundation




Formula: This has great coverage. It has medium coverage and is buildable if needed. It does not feel thick going on and blends great into the skin. As you can see in the pics, my skin tone has been evened out and it covered my acne scars pretty well 

Ease of Use: I used my beauty blender (which I use for all my foundations) to apply it and it went on great with no issue at all, so it is very easy to apply.

Smell: It does have a very strong baby powder smell, but the smell goes away after application

Everyday Use:This is PERFECT for everyday especially if you use MUFE HD everyday (like I do), it will defiantly save you some money.

Good for Photo's:  Absolutely! It gives you a great finish and helps diminishes imperfections

Packaging:  It has a foundation pump that can be unscrewed, so the bottle can be re-used. One pump does dispense to much foundation, but it is something you can get use to.

Texture:  It is a tad thicker than MUFE HD but way lighter than Revlon Color stay. I like the coverage of this, I don't need any concealer when I wear it.

Color Selection:  It is not very good right now and even this "natural" color was not a great match for me and it is hard to find out what a good match for you is because NYX is not sold in every store. I think I am going to buy the next color down, which is the soft beige and see if that is a better match, but I have a feeling it will be to light for me, but IDK

Price: $15.00

Where is it available: CherrycultureNYX cosmeticsnonpareilboutique

Overall: I really like this foundation. IMO, it the perfect alternative to MUFE HD. It looks great in photo's and I love the coverage. The cost really makes this a great HD foundation, at $15.00 a pop, it is so affordable. I hope the pics really help you.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation- Shade 125, applied with beauty blender, no primer or concealer




Formula: I love the MUFE HD formula. When I wear it, I feel like I am wearing nothing. It has light to medium coverage and can be buildable, but if you have areas where you need extra coverage, you will need concealer for that. However, as you can see in the pics, I have acne scars on my cheeks and it covered that pretty darn well ad really evened out my skin tone.

Ease of Use: I apply it with my beauty blender and it goes on very smoothly onto all the creases on my face

Smell: no annoying smell what so ever

Everyday Use:  It can be, but because of the price ($40) I really wanted an alternative to this because it is expensive

Good for Photo's: Yes! The best IMO, I never use a primer with this foundation and it makes my face look great and it softens my fine lines

Packaging: Standard pump bottle dispenser. The bottle can not re-used once the foundation has run out and the pump dispenser pumps out the perfect amount of foundation for the face. 

Texture:  Light weight, it does not feel heavy or cakey

Color Selection:  MUFE has a TON of color selections for this foundation, you are bound to find your perfect match. If you can't, you can always return it at Sephoria and try a different color.

Price:  $40.00

Where is it available: Sephoria

I took the pics on different days and different times of days. I am not a pro with camera yet but hopefully you can tell the difference. NYX has more coverage than MUFE, but MUFE does brighten up the face more and is buildable to the coverage that you desire. Hopefully you can the difference from the pic below.



Swatch Comparison


Swatches: MUFE shade 125 on the left, NYX shade natural on right




NYX HD Pros:  GREAT coverage, looks amazing in pics, softens lines, price, reusable bottle

NYX HD Cons:  Baby powder smell, color selection

MUFE Pros: Gives the look of a flawless finish, excellent for photos, color selection

MUFE Cons: If you need more coverage you will need a good concealer, price

What do I prefer? I still prefer my MUFE HD, it is my HG and that is tough to beat, and 125 is seriously my perfect color, BUT I think NYX is a more everyday HD foundation due to the price and I will be using it more than my MUFE HD to save some money and make my MUFE HD last longer. I really do like the NYX HD and think it worth the money. I think you should give it shot, you may be surprised!


Cydonian said...

OMG, thank you for the proper review! Love this. I have been debating all week whether to use my MUFE HD on myself for a wedding (I'm a bridesmaid so my photo will be taken), and I think I will def use it. The NYX seems really interesting... I may recommend that to a friend who uses liquid (I don't, as you know haha). Too bad about the color selection!

Jess said...

Yeah mufe is amazing for pics as u can see from the pics..I am so glad this was helpful for and I think nyx is great especially for ppl who just want to try hd and r new to it or want their mufe to last longer..I'm really glad I could help u and post pics of the wedding :)

Stephtee said...

This was a great review...I haven't used either product but it was definitely food for thought.

Special K said...

U did a great job on this review! :*

KayKay said...

omg thank you so so much for this review. i have been searching everywhere for a legit good review on this product and have found none. i would love to try this foundation but the color selection sucks. i cant even mix any of them but i do want to try the primer. it looks like it does its job. thanks for such a thorough review

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

This is an awesome review!! I can't believe the coverage of the MUFE foundation. I struggle with acne and like using a good coverage foundation. I am definitely going to pick this up the next time I am in the US.
Thanks for all of the pictures.

Jess said...

No problem ladies! I am so glad I could help and I honestly enjoyed doing this review and putting it together...I am so glad it was helpful!
Special K- Ur welcome!

KAYKAY- hopefully once NYX HD catches on and people start to like it they will broaden their range of colors

Funnyfacebeauty-If you ever want a CP just let me know..I am so glad this was helpful

Beauty Reductionista said...

Everything you said about your skin at the beginning of the post = me to a T! We're even the MAC same shade. I like MUFE Mat Velvet in the summer but currently wear Laura Mercier Oil Free. Great comprehensive review!

Justine (Productrater) said...

Wow thanks for the review, I am jealous that you got to try out all these products, I've been waiting for a 20% off sale from cherry culture to get these items. Thanks again! :)

Amalia J said...

WOW this is such an awesome review, it is just breathtaking what a great job you did!! I tried MUFE but now I am totally going to try the NYX... Thanks!!!!

MsRosie said...

Thanks for your helpful info :) there is not to many reviews out there about these.

I got a 3pc primer set on it came with the HD foundation primer,the green studio prefect primer(for redness) and the HD eyeshadow primer. I'm in love with the green one it evens out my skin tone and helps my foundation last all day. I still have to try the eyeshadow one more and havent really tried the HD primer yet.

I'm sad I didn't get the foundation but I always have a hard time matching my color online.

Jess said...

No problem ladies...I'm so glad this was helpful! I just bought the nyx hd in the color under natural so ill post the swatch and comparison when I get it

Mama Laura said...

Thanks for this comparison! I really do like MUFE HD but the price is what kills it. If I can find the NYX in stores, I might try it out, but I don't want to deal with trying to order the right color online.

As for primer, I usually stick with Smashbox primers, though they aren't marketed as "HD". But now I am interested to try this one by NYX, to save a little money.

Precious Deedee said...

I've been looking for a great review for a while regarding those products...such a great job you did