Tuesday, April 19, 2011


OK, I messed up my LEFT eyebrow ROYALLY when I was waxing it. I damn near took off the top of my eyebrow. I typically wax my eyebrows myself and then get them threaded once a month, to get a nice clean shape.

I waited about 2 weeks to see if my eyebrow hair would fix itself (I know I am impatient!! lol :P) BUT it didn't and I was worried because I really love my eyebrows. 

Last time I went on Cherryculture I did see the NYX Grow Brow Serum in the new section, and it was $25! When I first saw it, I was like, "oh my $25 is expensive for NYX!" However, now that I felt like I needed it, $25 was NOTHING in the grand scheme of things, so I bought it!

BTW I also saw the NYX Grow Brow Serum at my local Ulta as well, for the same $25 price.

 This serum transforms over plucked, thick or uneven brows to create an effortlessly fuller look. All-natural formulation features superior peptide and growth complexes combined with lavender oil, arginine, blotin, soy proteins, and ginko biloba to product stronger, thicker, fuller brows
 From Cherryculture

The overall claim is to have fuller, thicker eyebrows in 4-8 weeks

The packaging is nice. Very simple, nice slim bottle with a bristle application.

You apply the product everyday, morning and night. I would apply it in the morning after I got out of the shower and after I applied my acne medication and moisturizer. At night, I would do the same.

You apply it directly on the the eyebrow. It is very simple to use.

I will admit that my skin is sensitive and I am pleased to report that this formula DID NOT irritate my skin AT ALL. It did NOT make my skin itchy, dry, red or flaky. I had no reactions to the serum at all.

The serum is clear and had no smell to it. The gel that is applied is not goopy or too thin. It is similar consistency to glycerin (you know the glycerin you buy at the drug store to make your own mixing medium). Once I applied it, it took a minute or two to dry and then I did not feel it on my skin any more. It did not interfere with any eye or face makeup application at all.


I started using the NYX Grow Brow Serum on March 4, 2011 and that is when the BEFORE pictures were taken. The AFTER pictures were taken on April 16, 2011. Which is about 6 weeks of use.

This is the "good" brow..lol
No big differance here, but the brow hair is thicker and darker, which I am really happy about

and the best for LAST..this was my messed up brow, the one I damn near waxed OFF!


Impressive! Right? I think the pictures speak for themselves! For $25, I HIGHLY recommend this product! You will not be let down!

Although I am very satisfied with my brows now, I am going to continue to use the product till I run out just because it was $25 and I am now use to putting it on every night.

Hope this review has helped you :D


Cydonian said...

Ooooh thank you for posting this! I was wanting to try this but my problem is not that I overpluck, it's that the majority of my brows do not grow, so they're very sparse. I was worried this would just make what hairs I do have longer, haha, but if this helps to fill them in, I may try it!

makeup by danisaddiction said...

Wow...I need to go get this stuff, like right NOW. haha. My brows are really sparse. Thanks so much for the review, I've been really curious about this product after I saw it in Ulta. Your brows look so good!! I'm glad it worked for you and fixed your wax mistake lol. I'm definitely going to get this today!!

Jess said...

GREAT! I am so happy! I was skeptical of this product myself at first BUT so happy with the results. I don't think my brows have been this thick or dark so I am very happy. If you try it LMK how it works for you and remember to give it time. This took about 6 weeks :)

Stephtee said...

WOW! I am really impressed!! I don't think I have a need for this product but I'm certain that there are lots who would love to give it a try now that they know it really gets results. Great Review!!

froggistyle73 said...

Pretty impressive. I was looking for something a few weeks ago when I over tweezed my brows. I started using ELF brow treat and tame and it worked great too. I might have to suggest this for a few people on twitter though that have been asking. Great post!

Alli Winston said...

This looks amazing. What are your thoughts on threading? I've been thinking about it, but don't know much about it! thanks

Jess said...

@Alli- I absolutly adore threading! It is mostly Indian woman here in CT that thread and I luv how they shape my brows because I have thick dark hair like them so they know not to over do it and they get the shape of my brows. Also my skin is sensitive to many waxes and they get very red and even burned when I get them done at other places so threading is so much better for my skin AND threading gets into the small places that wax can not get in to so I think threading is amazing. It hurts just as much as waxing but I think we are all use to that!

Alli Winston said...

Thanks for the response. Sounds really interesting. I will def be checking it out! I have really sensitive skin too... I've seen it being done in the mall, but haven't really stopped to check it out! Can't imagine how it feels though...but i am familiar with waxing pain!!! ugh.

CopyCat said...

please don't hate me but...don't mean to pop your bubble....
I just heard bad things about these things... I forgot the link but mainly these things consist of some hormons and something else that is not good....
I was myself going to but it but I heard not so good stories..

I was looking into another one which cost around $1oo bucks


I hope that the ingredient in this product is "safer" then in the other ones :D


CopyCat said...

*I myself was going to buy it but...

Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

That is amazing that is worked for you! I know what you mean about products. Once you start actually needing something, that price tag doesn't look so bad!

the Honey B said...

Wow! what a difference! What a great review, thank you so much for posting!

The Peach said...

Wow! I'm impressed! If I ever overpluck or trim, I'll definitely have to pick some of this up!

makeupDiva said...

Im bearly trying this eyebra serum treatment and the best part is that I got it for .50 lol in a swaptmeet someone who had lots and lots of nyx products and they had to sell it all. everything was new so don't worry.