Sunday, April 3, 2011


I got this at the Coach Outlets with a 20% off coupon. I ended up only paying $100 for it. I told myself I would never spend that much on a purse, BUT I just had to...I love this color, it is like a light green, kahki kinda color and I LOVE that it does NOT SCREAM Coach all over it. It is so classy looking and is a perfect spring bag. This bag is a keeper for sure!
It's the REAL Coach tag..LOL

Do you likey??? :D

I luv it it and I think I am almost afraid to use it..hehe


Mandy said...

ooo i like the bag! the colour is nice too! i don't own a single purse liek this colour. Coach bags are so good and the quality and price is great :) enjoy your new bag! :D

Amalia J said...

very pretty! Great choice and what a great deal! Surely you will get tons of compliments- enjoy it!! =)

KayKay said...

you picked a great bag. Honestly coach is worth the price. it's good quality and will last you a long time.
and omg imats next week!!! we have to deff meet up

CopyCat said...

cool :D have fun wiht it

Starryskies214 said...

Sooo jealous! I love it!

Meme said...

Love it! Very classy! I gave you an award on my blog! You should check it out!

Beautygirl24 said...

Congrats! The color will be perfect for Spring and Summer!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

I'm a big fan of Coach, welcome to the family! I promise you won't regret your purchase. I'm loving the bag, it's nice and roomy and a great color.

the Honey B said...

If anything rivals my love of makeup it's my love of purses!!!! Great choice, this one is lovely!