Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MORE NYX LIPSTICK SWATCHES and where I buy them from

On my last NYX lipstick swatch post , a few people asked me where I purchased all these lipstickes from. I typically do not purchase NYX from Cherryculture unless there is a sale on the site, even then some of the NYX stuff is to expensive, especially when I want an order under $40 and shipping is involoved.

So I turn to EBAY. I have been ebaying since I was 16. My father introduced me to the site and taught me how to use it and I have been buying and selling off the site since then..thanks dad!!

I buy all my NYX lipsticks from Joy017 and she has over 19,000 positives on EBAY. She sells NYX in bulk (and individually too) and it really saves you money. Her prices and shipping are VERY fair AND she ships INTERNATIONALLY too!!

I purchased 12 round lipsticks from Joy's Ebay Store for $17.95 + $4.41 for shipping which is a total of $22.36, which makes each lipstick $1.86 each!! That is a TRUE deal because right now at Cherry Culture, the NYX round lipsticks are on sale for $2.50 from the original $4 price tag and that is NOT including shipping. The $1.86 per lipstick from Joy DOES include shipping!! UH-MAZING!

She has all the new colors and is up to date on the collection. Whatever you see on Cherryculture, she has too!

So make sure you check out her store: Joy's Cosmetics on Ebay

Now on to the goodies!!
This is how the lipsticks came packaged and she included a free gift! It is NYX lip liner in NUDE!

 They are all packaged in the original NYX lipstick boxes, which is great to keep around for storage purposes

FYI: You can click on the pics to them larger :D

  Left to right: Opal, NYX, Champagne, Rea, Topaz, Athena
 Left to right: Opal, NYX, Champagne, Rea, Topaz, Athena
** To see the gorgeous duochrome pink/purple color of Opal, click on the pic to enlarge it**

 Left to right: Saturn, Miracle, Femme, Chambord, Mars, Fusion

 Left to right: Saturn, Miracle, Femme, Chambord, Mars, Fusion

 NYX NUDE Lip Liner- My free gift!

Love at first swatch was: OPAL (such a pretty duochrome purple/pink color), NYX, TOPAZ, MIRACLE AND FEMME

I can not wait to do looks with them!! What do you ladies think?? Any Favorites?


Cydonian said...

Opal is amazing! I've never even seen that one anywhere else except on the NYX website. Femme is gorgeous too... I'll have to check out that seller!

Mandy said...

i buy from Joy017 on ebay too! very very sweet person and she package things so well :)

Starryskies214 said...

Femme does look really beautiful! I can't wait to see them on you!

Jess said...

@ Cydonian RIGHT! I totally luv OPAL..I was very surprised by it! yeah u gotta check her out

@Mandy Oh good..I am so glad u buy from her too!

@StarrySkies-Thank hun..I will show them all on me when I swatch by color :D

the Honey B said...

Wow thanks for the seller info! I just purchased a gift card for ebay on Groupon and am going to check her site out! Thanks for posting!!! :)

Tara said...

wow, thanks! ive been ordering from CC, but ill check this seller out!

Amalia J said...

Great swatches! I have been meaning to pick up some loose pearls and I got her on my save list now- its hard to find an honest ship price! Thanks so much!

JadeyLou said...

I use Joy as well, I've ordered a few times and the international shipping is so good, plus my items arrived a week to the day from payment every time! Great lipsticks too, I've really got my eye on Femme now :)

Renée said...

I really want to try Rea and Athena
great swatches!

make-me up said...

Thanks for the swatches & the Ebay info... I think I might add her onto my ebay favourites for next time I want some more lippies :)

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I csn't wait to see the swatches on you...so I know what to buy haha...

Ashii said...

yep i really like to buy from joy as well... you must have the best lipstick collection!!