Monday, April 11, 2011


The IMATS NY was an amazing experience! I met up with Kendra from A Sick Obsession and we waited in line to get into the IMATS together, but that was it..LOL because she got pulled from the line to be a model in makeup show!! OMG what an great experience for her to be in the first makeup show in the first IMATS in NY!! I have a video of the makeup show that I will show you all later in the post.

I got to finally hang out with Kendra after the show was over and we walked 2 miles to the MAC PRO store. What an experience that was. We were like oh, 2 miles is not that far..yeah driving I guess, walking is different story! BUT we made it and had fun getting there.

On the way to MAC PRO, we stopped in Sephoria and I saw a reader of mine in, Gabrella. Hi!! Gabrella, sorry if I seemed caught off guard when you saw me, I was overwhelmed by the hugeness of Sephoria.

ok so let me give you the "unoffical tour" to the IMATS NY

This was beauty museum, it shows work that was done on TV and movie sets, it was the first thing we saw when we walked into the building:

 From the "Soprano's"

Next, I went upstairs to SHOP! It was a great time and I saw so much!
 He is putting a pig nose on her
 Queen of Blending, I saw EnKore and Julie G there too but so many people were around them and I just wanted to could not be bothered

 The Inglot line, I waited in line for 3 hours to get their makeup BUT it was 30% off, thank god for The Beautiful Life of a Girl Next Door's blog and her Inglot swatches, I ended up just buying some the shades she swatched because once I got to the booth, I would have waited another hour just to swatch the DAMN shadows! OMG it was so aggravating, so I went on her blog wrote down the shades I liked based on her swatches and gave it to the SA. I was so happy to get out of that line! Thanks so much Sonja!! UR the BEST!!

Me and Kendra! This is her all dressed up from the Makeup Show. I will show pics and the video I have from it in a another post  :D

Random PICS of body art, so AMAZING!

Now here are some PICS of the walk to the MAC PRO store, we walked through Washington Square Park and I had never been there!

 Washington Square Park
 Art Walk on the ground at the park
 You can see the Empire State Building behind the H and M flag
 We finally made it after about a 45 min walk! It was in a building NOT labeled MAC PRO. You have to push a buzzer to get in and take the elevator up to the second floor to get to the store. It is an odd set up and not an easy store to find, unless you look it up ahead of time.
 The store is so amazing
 They have a photography studio in the store and they were doing a shoot when we got there

AND now the HAUL..DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!

 Brushes from CiCi, all the brushes cost me $25
 A lip brush from Cozzette, I wanted one for my OCC lip tars, this was $6
 Blinc eyebrow mousse and mascara..the mousse is so cool! $12 each

 LA Splash Golden Tangerine Glitter, the glitter is so fine and smooth
 Stila liquad lip color, these are amazing and dry to a matte finish, STILA gave a 25% off discount
 OCC Lip Tars in Interlace, Vapid, Divine and Tone Nailpolish in Feathered (White) and Wasabi (Green). The lip tars were $10 and the nail polishes were $5

 Eve Pearl Concealer in Salmon
 Yabby Palette and shadows
 Graftobian HD Color Palette Foundation
 Inglot!!! I got two 10 pans and a blush pan Inglot was 30% off

 Naked Cosmetic Matte EYE Primer. This primer turns any shimmery eye shadow into a matte finish, it is really cool and Jesse's Girl Nail Polish 
 I got Breezy, Burnt Pepper (PRO only) , and Rhubarb (PRO only) at MAC PRO
Jack Black Lip Balm (just cuz everyone raves about it) and Illamasqua blush in Lover


I hope you enjoyed the post and haul! Stay tuned for individual review, swatches and posts of the products AND for the makeup show pics and video post with KENDRA!!


CopyCat said...

I am like so jealous now... amazing deals :D and pictures

Cydonian said...

Dang, girl! That is a HAUL. I'm vicariously excited lol!! Great haul, your Inglot items look amazing! I got Mac Breezy blush recently too, was just getting ready to do a post on it as I never hear anyone talk about it!

Mandy said...

you made me drool so much :p hahaha
Loving the inglot items and the mac pro ones!!!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Great photos and haul.

Starryskies214 said...

Wow! I'm so jealous of everything you got! It looks amazing! Thanks for the shoutout too!! I'm so so glad it helped! I think I'm as excited for you to use everything as you probably are haha.

KayKay said...

omg i didnt realize you had so much. wow i cant wait for the looks with the inglot palettes. we had soo much fun and yes 2 miles is fine by car but walking is a whole different story, but we had fun the whole time. i had so much fun with you. cant wait for the vids

Marie said...

These are good pictures, Jess!:D Thanks for sharing.:D

Is it true that some booths only accepted cash? Please let me know, I have to be prepared for the IMATS LA.

***** Marie *****

Vanessa said...

to answer the person above me, yes some booths didnt accept anything but cash.

good haul! i waited for Inglot for 2 hrs! it was so hectic in there. glad you had a good time in nyc. :)

make-me up said...

Ahhhh I loved reading this post & your photos!! :)

I can't wait to see what that glitter looks like :)

GothamPolish said...

Awesome pics thanks for sharing!!! I love the MAC pro store!

makeup by danisaddiction said...

What an AWESOME haul...I'm so jealous haha...what a great experience...thanks for sharing it all with us!!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Wow! 3 hours I saw the line and kept wandering around....after lunch I was able to go write up to the counter and take my time...i have a blog of all i purchased, who i met and my OOTD/FOTD..i attended both days and im a native new yorker

youtube videos of both days to be purchased soon

the Honey B said...

i cannot WAIT for IMATS LA!!! I love your haul, you scored big time!!! Thanks for sharing all the great pics!!!

Ashii said...

wow im so freakin jealous!! awesome pics and what a great haul!!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Hey Jess, it was nice meeting you and Kay Kay face to face in Sephora. No need to apologize, Sephora can be overwhelming at times :) I meant to tell you I loved the lipstick you were wearing.

Tania said...

That was a pretty fantastic haul! Love those Inglot palettes and that Naked Cosmetics matte eye primer sounds amazing. You need to do a review on it!

Camille @ NeverNaked said...

I was there too, sorry I missed you! Thanks for following! Wear some of your new make up tomorrow and link up at my blog! xo Camille