Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I cut my sister's hair..OMG..YIKES!

YUP! My sister asked me to trim her hair even though I have NEVER cut hair before, pretty bold of her huh? She said it was a recession and she had to cut back on things..lol..she is a trip.

Anyways, I was up for the challenge and I watched a TON of youtube tutorials and decided that this one from Rosebud143 was the best one at explaining how to do it

In less than 6 minutes, she explained it perfectly! So I ran out and got some supplies from Sally's Beauty Supplies.

- A thinning razor comb
- Hair cutting scissors
- Rat tail comb
- Elastics
- Clips

I told my sister to wash her hair and to come into my room when she was ready. I was sooooooooooooooooooooo SUPER NERVOUS to make the first cut. I think I combed her hair for like 10 min till my sister finally said "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" lol..so I did! Once the first cut once made, I was on a roll. My sister has a lot of hair, so the cut took me about an hour.

I basically cut the hair in sections, clipping up the pieces to separate them from the hair I was cutting and the hair I was about to cut and I tied back the pieces I already cut in the elastics.

I also cut the hair on an angle like the youtube video instructed. She already had layers, so it was easy to follow her hair. I cut about a half an inch off or so of her hair.

Check out all the hair afterwards...

 On the floor
 On her pants
In the chair

And the final results

 The back
and the sides

NOT BAD! and she liked it too!! She said the only way she would allow me to post this on my blog is if I did a good job and if I didn't show her face. At the end of the cut, she gave me permission to post it on my blog. I told her I will do it again next time she wants her hair trimmed.

Her tip to me was: "Don't trust any anyone and never accept wooden nickels" LMFAO..thanks

What do you think of my first hair cut? Would you ever cut your own hair or someone else's even if you never did it before?


makeup by danisaddiction said...

You did a good job! I've cut my own hair as well as my mom's and a few of my friends. I love to do it but I'm always nervous at first lol.

Miss Tapia said...

Good Job

I once let a girl cut my hair because she said she knew how to add layers...she cut it from the middle of my shoulder to ABOVE my shoulders,with something that resembled layers. It was awful.

Amalia J said...

omg the 'hair on pants' pic is hilarious!! The cut looks nice!! Um... no.. never could or would. one time my niece had a piece of lollipop stuck in her hair and I cut it but that was it... and she never to this day lets me forget it!!

The Peach said...

Looks like you did a great job! Do you want to cut my hair too? :) And isn't that a given: never accept wooden nickels? Haha!

Starryskies214 said...

That was so unbelievably brave for you to cut her hair! I don't think I could do it... there's too much pressure haha. Makeup you can wash off but people freak out when their hair gets messed up! You did a great job! If I just looked at the pictures, I'd never guess it was your first time!

Jess said...

LMAO..u all are a trip!! but thank so much for the compliments! I was sooo afraid to mess up!!!

@danisaddiction-thats soo cool u cut ur friends hair..do u have any tips? lol

@misstapia-OMG that is so awful! she should have never claimed to know hoe to do it if she had no idea!! I'm sorry that happened

@Amaila-lol with ur niece..poor thing..haha

@thepeach-SURE! I will cut ur hair..just know that u will be my second customer..lol

@Starryskies214-I know right! trust me..I was putting it off for days and she kept asking me when I was going to do it. Thanks so much! :D

Love, B said...

I've cut my own hair for years, I don't think I'll ever pay someone to do it again, XD. Razor cuts are amazing things, even if you're a little uneven, how would you ever know? XD

Rachel said...

You should look into getting the CreaClip. There are tons of YouTube videos explaining how to use it. It costs $30 and you get one for you bangs and one for the rest of your hair. You can make the hair straight across or a "V" shape. You can also do layers with no problems.

NessasaryMakeup said...

Good job! I love it, her hair is so healthy!