Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleek Avair La Peche Collection-Review and Swatches

This new Sleek collection is simply divine! I love Sleek LE product because I think the quality of the palettes are better than their permanent collection palettes.

All you UK gals can buy Sleek Makeup at your local Super Drug Store, BUT for us US girls, we can order Sleek on-line for a shipping charge of $13.50, which is really not that bad if you buy a few things from them.

On the the goodies:

This is Sleek Eyeshadow Palette in Paraguaya and cost $10 on the site. The color selection in the palette is unreal! The colors are colors and really make me think of the spring and summer time. Sleek did a really good job with picking 12 colors that compliment each other for this palette. This is the first Sleek palette where I have seen them name the colors. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and see the names.

 Here are the colors without the names on them
 Swatches: This is the top row of shadows
 The bottom row of shadows
IMHO, the matte colors in this palette are fantastic!! They are smooth and very pigmented, especially the orange and red based colors, I am even REALLY impressed with the two browns in the bottom row. The shimmer shadows were difficult to swatch and I found that I do not like how Sleek shimmer shadows apply to my lid. They are tad difficult to work with, but they defiantly have potential, PLUS there are only 4 shimmery shadows, the rest are a matte finish. This is a really nice palette to own if you can get it.

NEXT it the Pout Polish in Sugar May

AND blush in Pan Tao

The swatches: Pan Tao on top, Sugar May on the bottom

The blush is so PERFECT! I think this blush would really suit ANY skin tone and I think it is a MUST for everyone. It may look VERY bright in the pan but when applied with the blush brush and then buffed out with a kabuki, it is the PERFECT PEACH blush..OMG! It goes on smooth and was only $6! You can not beat that at all!
This is the blush on me:

The Pout Polish is very nice and is $6.50 on the site. It has a very nice vanilla creme brule smell (AND NOT the UD creme brule smell..YUCK! if anyone knows what I'm talking about). It is quite sheer on the lips and only a hint of color comes through when worn alone, BUT it looks amazing when paired with an orange/peach lipstick. I love to pair it up with Rimmel Crush, as shown this pic:

I hope you enjoyed the swatches and review. LMK if you have any questions and if you have not tried out Sleek Makeup yet, I think this is an excellent collection to yourself acquainted with the brand.


Rai said...

So pretty! I want to place an order but I'm trying to wait until they add the new collections.

Robyn said...

The blush looks great on you! Shame on me, I haven't really used the palette but I agree with you, I love the browns! :D

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I love that blush!! But man, $13.50 for shipping?! Boo. lol.

CopyCat said...

amazing colors :D blush looks good on you :D

Crystal said...

i want this palette but it's not available here :(