Friday, April 29, 2011


I never did such a color combo..but I really like it! Of course all made possible by INGLOT :D

Also, tomorrow I am going to NY to visit my best friend and we are going to the MAC warehouse sale. I am so in love with INGLOT that I feel I am cheating on them by going..LOL..has anyone ever been to one of these? What should I expect?

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Med
NYX HD foundation a mix of Nude and Natural Beige

Inner corner-24 AMC shine-blue/green color
Lid-06 AMC Shine-Gold color
Crease and lower lash-473 DS-Light blue color
Outer V-480 DS- Dark blue aqua color
Define Outer V-378 Matte-Dark charcoal color
Highlight-351 Matte- Vanilla color

Upper lash- Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner
Lower lash- INGLOT 103 AMC eyeliner- Navy Blue color-goes on like BUTTA baby!

OCC lip tar in Trick

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
Inglot 51 on top of the Tarte
Mac Soft and Gentle MSF as a Highlight

Are you ladies feelin the look? What  is your new fav color combo??


Love, B said...

I love that lip color! It looks amazing on you.

makeup by danisaddiction said...

I love the look! It looks so springy! You are not cheating on Inglot if you go to the MAC warehouse sale haha. I know you are really loving Inglot right now haha...but there are still other good makeup treasures out there! ;) Maybe not in e/ other stuff! You can always look for blushes, l/s, etc at the warehouse sale! Have fun!! You look beeeeautiful!!

Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

Your eyes look amazing! I love those colors together. I've never been to a MAC warehouse sale but I've seen people blog about them and they seem crazy. I think you need to pick out what you want pretty quickly because it goes fast.

Amalia J said...

You look beautiful and this is a combo I've never tried!! I agree on MAC lipsticks, never stopped lovin those!!

KayKay said...

blue and gold is such a pretty combo, i have to try this. and the trick lip tar is gorgeous on you. love it. have fun at the mac warehouse

the Honey B said...

you look gorgeous Jess! I really love this color combo. Now, if only i could get myself to go to that MAC warehouse sale with you!

The Peach said...

I'm going to have to check out Inglot after all of your raving over it! I've seen other bloggers using Inglot too, but with how much you are loving it, it must be amazing!

I know nothing about MAC warehouse sales, so I can't give any advice on that! But have fun!

Jess said...

Thanks so much ladies! I def still do luv MAC lippie and blush..maybe I can find some msf and some foundations for all ur feedback..I appreciate it :D

Stephtee said...

Love the look...perfect for spring! And even if it feels like cheating, I hope you find lots of good stuff at the warehouse sale :) Have fun!

Jessy said...

i think the blue and the gold go perfectly together, and nude lips completes the look~~~

Btw im holding a giveaway at may 3rd, but b4 that i need your help with one simple Question answer it and you'll get an extra entry to my giveaway (and follow me of course), there are alot of great prizes, hope you can help me out here ^_^


Starryskies214 said...

Oh my gosh this is so pretty! I love those colors on you!!! The color combo I'm diggin right now is definitely olive green and orange/gold. I know. Weird. I'm majorly jealous that you get to go to the warehouse sale! I do love my MAC pigments and lipsticks!